East of St. Petersburg: 6 cities, 2 Kremlin and 1 fortress. – Day 5: Street "zests"

Let's get acquainted with the Corner, associated by most with the murder of Tsarevich Dmitry. We'll see classic sights on the territory of the Kremlin, including the Church of Tsarevich Dmitry on Blood, built on the site of the death of his son Ivan the Terrible. As well as young and interactive projects: the Museum of Hydropower of Russia and the arsenal of unusual bicycles "Samokat". We will reach Tver by the evening.
East of St. Petersburg: 6 cities, 2 Kremlin and 1 fortress.

Trip duration: 6 days

Alina Maslova

Музей гидроэнергетики

Science Museums

Next to the Uglich HPP, on 3 floors, there is a real interactive center dedicated to the history of hydropower development in the USSR and Russia. Another industry museum in our list, which has no analogues in the world yet. It seems that after this journey, your children may decide to become hydropower, railroader or metallurgist. Important: The museum is not open on Mondays. Sightseeing tours of the museum start at 11:00, 14:00 and 16:00.

Угличский кремль

Historic Sites

Perhaps the main attraction of the ancient Russian town of Uglich. Defensive installations of the middle of X century, alas, have not reached our days. But the Savior Transfiguration Cathedral with a bell tower, the church of Tsarevich Dmitry on blood, the princely chambers, as well as the building of the City Council have been preserved.

Арсенал необычных велосипедов "Самокат"


We go to the youngest Uglich museum. Its collection clearly illustrates the evolution of a two-wheeled horse: from primitive "bone-shakes" to the best examples of racing bicycles of the XXI century. Some exhibits can even be tried in business.


Russian Restaurants

We will have lunch at one of the most popular restaurants in town. The menu here is quite impressive. Get ready, the choice won't be easy.

Памятник Макарию Калязинскому

Monuments / Landmarks

Leaving the street and heading towards Tver. On the way we will make a stop on the Kalyazinskaya quay to admire the flooded bell tower of St. Nicholas Cathedral on an artificial island of the Uglich Reservoir.

Домашняя Кухня

BBQ Joints

Time to stretch your legs and have a cup of hot tea. One last march, and we're in Tver.

Памятник Афанасию Никитину

Monuments / Landmarks

We made it! And straight to the left bank of the Volga, to Afanasiy Nikitin, born in Tver. Wherever Nikitin has not visited: Persia, India, Muscat, Somalia and Turkey. His impressions of the great traveler outlined in the travel notes "Walking across three seas.

Памятник Михаилу Кругу

Monuments / Landmarks

A monument to another native of Tver, a Russian chanson star. Despite the resistance of the city intelligentsia, Mikhail Krug nevertheless appeared on the central boulevard of Tver in 2007. Well, let's sit on the bench with the legendary performer of "Vladimir Central".



A well-deserved dinner in a trendy loft-style restaurant. Pay attention to Salisbury steak, sea bass with arancini and coconut sauce, beef stew in cranberry sauce.