Go to the Meshchera National Park. Visit uncharted forests. Walk along the picturesque coast of the Oki River.

Drive to the dense forests

The nature of the Moscow region is incredibly diverse, but still largely unexplored. Many people know and often visit different quarries, lakes and ponds, but few explore the local forests. On this trip we decided to go in a southeastern direction, because it seemed to us that this is where we have a place to walk, there are remote places where you usually do not meet the noisy company of holidaymakers. And I must say, we were not mistaken, because on our way we have been in such a dense forest that there are legends about them, as if that was where the Nightingale Robber once lived.

Drive to the dense forests

3 days itinerary by Alexandr Kosar - Uninhabited Nature, Active Leisure - Car, 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature, Active Leisure

Day 1: One day in the forests of the Moscow region.

Today we start our trip to the nature of the Moscow region. There are quite a lot of wooded areas, so we plan to go east and make a few stops in the most quiet and remote areas.
Visiting: Shatura, Imeni Pervogo Maya, Elektrostal, Balashikha, Plotava, Taganskiy, Staraya Kupavna

Day 2: Drowsy walks more often

Today we continue our journey to nature. We are planning to go to one of the most important natural objects - Meshchera National Park. After that we will head south, towards Ryazan.
Visiting: Shatura, Ryazan, Tamyshevo, Tyurvishchi, Kal'noye

Day 3: Exploring uncharted forests and lakes.

Today we leave Ryazan and go to Moscow. On the way we plan to make several stops in the wild and almost uncharted forests, as well as visit the beaches on the Oka River and small lakes.
Visiting: Ryazan, Taganskiy, Bespyatovo, Il'inskoye, Kotel'niki, Fruktovaya, Pryamoglyadovo, Udel'naya