Drive to the dense forests – Day 2: Drowsy walks more often

Today we continue our journey to nature. We are planning to go to one of the most important natural objects - Meshchera National Park. After that we will head south, towards Ryazan.
Drive to the dense forests

Trip duration: 3 days

Alexandr Kosar



There is a long road ahead, before which we decided to have a good meal in a small cafe "Tet-a-tet". Pleasant atmosphere, bright interior with interesting details like ship models, aromatic pastries and delicious desserts. I recommend taking a snack with you - we'll have a picnic in Meshchera Park.

Мещёрский национальный парк

National Parks

On the border of Moscow and Vladimir regions there is one of the most famous natural wonders of this region - Meshchera National Park. On its territory there are many different flora and fauna, and according to some legends, it was in the local dense forests that Nightingale Robber lived.

Aragon Hotel

Река Пра


We drive away from the park a little bit and make a stop by the Pra river. Dense forests grow along its banks, which are quite far away from the nearest villages. Here you can take a swim, wander more often or go fishing.

Bon Appetit

Pizza Places

A small, cozy cafe is ideal for dinner after a long and tiring day. A lot of diverse and original dishes are served here, including national ones. For example, we liked cherry dumplings, as well as pork loin with vegetables and potatoes in a village way.