Cultural life in Jaroslavl – Day 5: Exploring cities in the Volga region

Today you will continue to get acquainted with the cities of the Volga region. A lot of interesting stories and amazing facts are waiting for you ahead. Take a good mood and comfortable shoes with you, you will walk a lot.
Cultural life in Jaroslavl

Trip duration: 6 days

Darina Frantz

Угличский кремль

Historic Sites

The Uglich Kremlin, like most medieval fortresses, occupies a peninsula position: it stands on a cape between the Volga River and the flowing into it Silkovka River and Stone Creek. A ditch was dug from Silkovka to Stone Brook, which allowed to create a water barrier on all four sides of the Kremlin.

Музей тюремного искусства «Запретная зона»

Art Museums

This museum was created by a private individual. It consists of only two rooms, one of which is a replica of a typical prison cell. Here you'll see things that the prisoners have done with their own hands. It'll be interesting.

Музей мифов и суеверий русского народа

History Museums

This is a private collection dedicated to the study of mythology of the Slavs: fairy tales, bylinas and legends. The museum exhibits are ghouls, ghouls, house, kikimorah and other evil things that Russian people believed in. There are also household utensils used for magic purposes, talismans and amulets.

Museum of the History of Russian Vodka (Музей истории русской водки)

History Museums

The Uglich land is the birthplace of the famous Peter Arsenyevich Smirnov, who is called the Vodka King of Russia. His spirits were directly delivered to the royal courts of Italy and Norway. He received the title of the supplier of His Imperial Majesty's court, which gave him the right to depict the national emblem of Russia on the labels. Here you will learn the history of vodka appearance and distribution. Monday's the day off.


Russian Restaurants

After such a busy program, it's time for lunch. Here you will find a good selection of European and Russian dishes.

Apart-hotel Kaut Kompanya

Колокольня Никольского собора

Monuments / Landmarks

Make a stop in the city of Kalyazin in front of the mysterious Kalyazin bell tower, which keeps many secrets. This is the only thing left of the old town, with a shopping plaza, an ancient Holy Trinity Monastery, streets and slobodas. Everything was flooded by the Uglich Sea. Nowadays the high five-tier bell tower is one of the symbols of the city and the whole Volga, marks the place where once there was a high bank of the river, on which the trading area was buzzing.

Piu Del Cibo

Pizza Places

You must be hungry after such a long journey. In this Italian restaurant you will find many delicious and nourishing dishes. Bon appetit!