Cultural life in Jaroslavl – Day 3: Walk around Yaroslavl

Today you will get to an ancient city that is comparable to a book written by a wise and talented author. This book contains many chapters - it is a city that at all times was "ahead of the whole planet", a city that is full of imperceptible details like a tile or an insurance board, hidden behind the luxury of facades. Yaroslavl is so multi-faceted and unique that every person, whether a local resident or a guest, necessarily has his own unique history associated with it, his own unique perception of the city space.
Cultural life in Jaroslavl

Trip duration: 6 days

Darina Frantz

Ростовский кремль

Historic Sites

The unique historical appearance of the Rostov Kremlin is appreciated by historians and art workers. Many feature and documentary films were shot within the walls of the medieval fortress. In particular, it was the Rostov Kremlin that became the main scenery for the cult Soviet comedy "Ivan Vasilyevich changes his profession".

Художественный музей

Art Museums

This is the largest art museum in the Russian province. It was founded on the initiative of local artists and antique lovers in 1919. The core of the collection was formed in the first decades from the collections of several Yaroslavl public organizations, as well as from contributions from the State Museum Fund, the Tretyakov Gallery and the Russian Museum, from artists and individuals.


Russian Restaurants

Wonderful restaurant of Russian cuisine overlooking the Volga River. Admire the posh views during your perfect lunch. Here is a popular salad with rabbit liver in honey and maize sauce and pancakes with pear.

Strelka (Стрелка)


Central Park of the city, which offers beautiful views of the Volga, Damansky Island, the quay, the domes of churches. City events are held here, once in honor of the City Day an air show was organized above Strelka.

Звонница с церковью Богоматери Печерской

Scenic Lookouts

This is an ancient belfry, which began to be built in the XVI century. Originally there were two tiers in it - on the top there was a bell tower with green tiled tents, and on the bottom - a church. For some centuries in a construction there were some changes. From the top of the bell tower there is an excellent view of the historical center of Yaroslavl.

Памятник Ярославу Мудрому

Monuments / Landmarks

The monument to the founder of the city Prince Yaroslav the Wise is located on the Epiphany Square in the center of Yaroslavl. The prince is facing those entering the city center from the Moscow direction.

Киш Миш

Caucasian Restaurants, Bakeries

It's very tasty and beautiful. It's a cozy restaurant that will be hard to get away from. Caucasian dishes are served here.