Cultural life in Jaroslavl – Day 2: Along the shores of Lake Plesheevo

You will meet this day at the shores of a mirror lake surrounded by real Russian nature. According to the plan, there are several interesting places that reflect the culture of our country. Be ready to get a sea of impressions.
Cultural life in Jaroslavl

Trip duration: 6 days

Darina Frantz

Музей утюга


This unusual museum is located in an ancient two-storey merchant house. It is dedicated to the history of the most ordinary object in the life of every person - an iron. It is nice that all the exhibits here are allowed to touch and take pictures with your hands. Iron in a unique collection of more than two hundred. And they are collected not only from cities and towns of Russia, but also from other countries. Mode of operation: Wednesday - Friday 10:00 - 17:00; Saturday, Sunday 10:00 - 18:00 Monday is a day off

Музей чайника


The museum, which contains many different teapots and samovars as well as other household items used in the past centuries. Both adults and children will find it interesting to visit this museum. Funny inscriptions on the house and the shelves with the exhibits will make you smile more than once. Mode of operation: daily 10:00 - 18:00

Русский парк


It is a large territory where real Russian huts, kvass museum, tea museum and many other things are located. Here you can also buy interesting souvenirs for memory and kvass of local production. Various master classes are held here. Here you can also find household items of villagers and a collection of Russian folk musical instruments. Operation mode: daily, 10:00 - 18:00


Cafés, Burger Joints

Lunch you will spend in this small but very pleasant cafe. It serves delicious and juicy burgers.

Bravis Holiday Park

Сыроварня "Коваль"

Food & Drink Shops

At the cheese farm you will learn how and from what real cheese is made, you will be able to see the cooking process through a special viewing window, learn about the history and features of Russian cheese making, and become a real cheese sommelier after tasting.

Варварин Ключ

Hot Springs

This is a holy spring, located near Lake Pleshcheyevo. The place is very secluded, quiet and beautiful, and the water from the spring is clean, delicious, enriched with silver, long retains its qualities and has healing properties.

Ресторан Усадьба Плешанова


Pleasant quiet place, located on the shore of Lake Nero. The first dishes and snacks are very good. Visitors recommend Borodinsky borsch in a loaf.