For seven days of your trip you will be able to see the most famous sights of the cities . You and your family will be out in the open . Enrich your cultural knowledge . Have a nice time..

Cultural Entertainment Road Trip: San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento

This time we decided to make such a trip, so that we could go there with children from five years and older. For travelers under five years of age, the journey may seem tedious, because during our road trip there are long journeys, as well as the program itself is quite saturated. We have arranged our journey in such a way that the arrival and departure will take place from San Francisco. For seven days, you'll see sights and cultural sites in cities such as San Francisco, San Jose and Sacramento, and you'll also be able to travel to Livermore, Stockton and Wacaville. Despite the rich program, we hope that this trip will be special and memorable for you, and also will leave in your memory a lot of pleasant memories and good impressions!

Cultural Entertainment Road Trip: San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento

7 days itinerary by Darcy Moore - Families with Kids, Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture - Car, 4 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Families with Kids, Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture

Day 1: We're starting our trip from San Francisco

Well, here we are in the famous and beautiful city of San Francisco! We didn't plan anything for today, so we're just gonna get some rest!
Visiting: San Francisco, South San Francisco

Day 2: We're studying San Francisco

Today we have all day to get to know San Francisco! We will visit places of interest such as the painted ladies, the palace of fine arts and many others, no less beautiful and memorable.
Visiting: South San Francisco, San Francisco, Millbrae

Day 3: We're arriving at the lovely San Jose

After breakfast in San Francisco, we're going to San Jose. Upon arrival in the city, we will walk through the famous pink garden, visit the science museum and walk in the park.
Visiting: South San Francisco, Mountain View, San Jose

Day 4: Moving on.

After breakfast we continue our journey and stay in Sacramento. However, on the way we will stop in Livermore and Stockton.
Visiting: San Jose, Livermore, Stockton, Sacramento

Day 5: Walking around Sacramento

Once again, we have a full day to explore the streets and sights of the city. Today we will go to Old Sacramento, visit the zoo, visit Crocker's Art Museum and get some fresh air in the park.
Visiting: Sacramento

Day 6: Back from Sacramento to San Francisco

Well, our trip is coming to an end, which means it's time to go back to San Francisco. On the way we will make a short stop in Vacaville, and on arrival in San Francisco, we will go to the park and then spend the evening near the Golden Gate Bridge!
Visiting: Sacramento, San Francisco, Vacaville

Day 7: Say goodbye to the city and go home

Our road trip has come to an end, today we have to rent a car, but before that we will stop at one park to enjoy the beautiful city scenery of this wonderful city once again!
Visiting: San Francisco