Colorado Nature and Attractions: Trip from Denver to Colorado Springs – Day 6: We're finishing our journey.

The state of Colorado has a large number of attractions, but of course, its nature can not leave anyone indifferent. Tomorrow we will have to leave, so today we will reach the main goal of our trip - the Pike Peak Mountain, visit another very colorful and picturesque place and begin to prepare for our departure.
Colorado Nature and Attractions: Trip from Denver to Colorado Springs
Travel distance by car: 122 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Cascade-Chipita Park, Woodland Park, Colorado Springs

Trip duration: 7 days

Darcy Moore

Western Omelette

Breakfast Spots

This cozy cafe is in great demand among the locals, so today we stopped at it. In addition to omelets, you can order toast, sandwiches and excellent steaks, there is even a small section of Mexican cuisine in the menu, by the way, burritos are served here excellent.


Convenience Stores

We'll stop by the nearest store to buy water and snacks for the road. We're going to explore the mountains and it'll be great to have a picnic outdoors!

Pikes Peak

In my opinion, this is the main and perhaps the most colorful attraction in the vicinity of Colorado Springs. Unreal landscapes, like something cosmic. Entrance to the road is toll-free, but not very expensive! You can still get to the top of the mountain by train, which goes every half hour. The only drawback is the strong winds blowing there. Be sure to take warm clothes with you and put some pressure on the oxygen starvation if you climb to the very top. But it's worth it!

Devils Playground Pikes Peak 13065 Ft


Pike Reserve can be explored all day long, and there is everything we love about nature: woodlands, fresh air, mountains and rocks of bizarre shapes. Devil's Playground is another place in the reserve with an unusual Martian landscape. The photos here are just unrealistic!

Crystal Creek Reservoir

Very beautiful water reservoir with transparent turquoise water. It can be approached from any side except the one where the dam is located. There is convenient spacious parking and specially allocated places for picnics. Here you can not only relax and admire the forest and mountains, but also to fish from the shore or from a boat. We had fishermen catching rainbow trout.

Swiss Chalet Restaurant

Scandinavian Restaurants

The Swiss Chalet Restaurant is filled with a mountain atmosphere. Very similar to the restaurants in the ski resorts. It's a Swiss restaurant, everything's delicious and nourishing. After our long journey through the mountain, it is very important to have dinner.

Econo Lodge Downtown Colorado Springs

It was a very active day, we enjoyed the wonders of nature in the vicinity of Colorado Springs, now it's time to pack up and rest. Tomorrow we'll be on our way home.