Colorado Nature and Attractions: Trip from Denver to Colorado Springs – Day 1: Arriving in Denver

Denver is the most important logistics and transportation center of the "mountain states". Today will be more of an organizational day. We will need to rent a car to make our journey as easy as possible and as bright as possible, and we will also visit the park, and, of course, have a little refreshment and rest before tomorrow!
Colorado Nature and Attractions: Trip from Denver to Colorado Springs
Travel distance by car: 61 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Denver, Colorado Springs

Trip duration: 7 days

Darcy Moore

Grand Hyatt Denver

Nissan Versa

Washington Park


A very large and well maintained park. Here you can play sports, play active outdoor games, or simply take a walk. The park is home to many animals, such as squirrels, ducks and even geese, so you can take food for them. If you're going on a trip with a child, he'll definitely like it.


American Restaurants

Pretty inexpensive and popular American restaurant. Excellent service and pleasant atmosphere, extensive bar list. If you're a vegetarian, this place is good for you too! The institution may seem a little noisy, but for gatherings by a large company it is ideal.

Grand Hyatt Denver

It's time to get back to the hotel. Despite the fact that we saw Denver only a glimpse, we liked the city, and tomorrow we are preparing a more detailed acquaintance with interesting city sights.