Cinematic landscape: in the footsteps of favorite films – Day 2: Vyborg, Sherlock, National Hunting Features.

In the morning we will continue to explore the cinema Vyborg, and then follow the trail of Soviet Sherlock Holmes. We will take our soul in a picturesque place where "Peculiarities of National Hunting" was shot, and spend the night on the bank of Ladoga.
Cinematic landscape: in the footsteps of favorite films
Travel distance by car: 169 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Vyborg, Priozersk, Gvardeyskoye, Protochnoye, Mel'nikovo, Pal'tsevo

Trip duration: 3 days

Marina Voronchikhina

Monrepos (Монрепо)


Let's go for a walk in Montrepo Park. A lot of directors have made this park a place to shoot their paintings. For example, Eldar Ryazanov made his last film here. The scene of the main character's explanation with his sweetheart in the fairy tale "Andersen. Life without Love" (2006) was filmed in the Tea Garden. The legendary Alexey Balabanov also loved the park: here he filmed the drama "Castle". An episode in the beginning of "Sannikov Land" was also made in Montrepo, at the pier.

Vyborg Castle (Выборгский замок)


In the morning we'll go to Vyborg Castle: more than one film was made here. Among them - the series "The Three Musketeers" (2013), the musical comedy "Singing Teacher" (1972) and the sensational drama Alexei Herman "It's hard to be God" (2013). The castle still holds a part of the props used during the work on the last painting. It is noteworthy that most of the actors on Vyborg's site were non-professionals - the director involved local residents in the shooting.



We will have lunch in "Tavern" - a restaurant with the most authentic atmosphere of the Middle Ages in town. It could easily have been the setting for a historical film. After a long walk it is an ideal place not to lose the essence of Old Vyborg.

бар "Привал"


In the afternoon we move out of Vyborg towards Ladoga. And first we stop at Finger. The story "The Engineer's Finger" from the movie series "Sherlock Holmes. The XX century begins" (1987-1988) was filmed here. The burnt-out house was a layout 2 meters from the camera. But the real scorched ruins of a small reinforced concrete building where Holmes found a sign from the press took part in the shooting. These ruins could be found even today. And the cafe "Prival" was built near the ruins on the place of "burned house".

Design hotel Tochka na karte Priozersk

Ж/д станция «Гвардейское»

Train Stations

Not far from Paltsevo there is a railway platform of Gvardeyskoye village - it depicts the station Eyford. Here came the main characters, performed by Vasily Livanov and Vitaly Solomin. Remember how important Sherlock Holmes walks against the background of the Guards, where he saw Stark's house burned down. It's a pity the building's been repainted and the windows blocked since. But on the whole, the situation here has hardly changed.


History Museums

The Lutheran church in the village of Melnikovskoye was built in 1912. It is one of the most outstanding Finnish churches on the Karelian Isthmus. Fans of Alexander Rogozhin's film "Peculiarities of National Hunting" assume that it is this kirha that flickers in the initial shots of the comedy. Against her background, a dark-skinned citizen, whose "trumpets are burning", asks for money from the hero Ville Haapassalo.



And here we are in the main place of shooting everyone's favorite movie "Features of National Hunting. The flowing film crew arrived in 1994. The places here are really soulful: scattered fields, a lake, a forest. In Kuzmich's words, "he grabs his soul, holds it and does not let go".

Гастрономическое кафе «Точка на карте»

Russian Restaurants

We'll have dinner in Priozersk, in the restaurant of the complex "Tochka na map". Local food will quench all your sorrows. What are the fish Ladoga dumplings with spruce oil worth!

Design hotel Tochka na karte Priozersk

It's been a long and busy day - it's time to go sideways. And sleeps on the shore of Ladoga oh how good!