Cinematic landscape: in the footsteps of favorite films – Day 1: "Summer", "Features of National Fishing", "Sannikov Land", "White Guard"...

Let's start this day with the memories of the life and work of Victor Tsoi - we'll visit the place of filming the film "Summer". We'll pass through the locations of the Soviet drama "On a Wild Bridge", remember the pearls of Kuzmich and Mikhalych on the bay. In the afternoon we find ourselves in Vyborg, one of the most "cinematic" cities in Russia.
Cinematic landscape: in the footsteps of favorite films
Travel distance by car: 209 km.Travel distance on foot: 1 km.Visiting: Vyborg, Sestroretsk, Centralniy, Sovetskiy, Polyany, Krasnogvardeyskoye

Trip duration: 3 days

Marina Voronchikhina

Hyundai Creta

Sestroretsk Resort Beach (Пляж Сестрорецкого курорта)


Let's go to Sestroretsk. Perhaps it was impossible to come up with a better location for the shooting of the notorious film "Summer" (2018). You surely remember the romantic rest scenes of young Tsoi and his friends on the shore of the Gulf of Finland - they are the most beautiful. According to the script in the frame was to appear in the dog, so the site invited a movie therapist with a specially trained spaniel. But suddenly there was a big black dog on the beach. The film crew thought it was a trained animal. In the end, the viewer never saw the spaniel.

Полянское озеро


We continue our journey along narrow country roads. Admiring the quiet rural beauty of these places, we turn to Lake Polyanski. The local hill with cedars depicted Siberia, and Polyanskoye Lake depicted the Siberian river in the drama "On a Wild Bridge" (1966). And also in this small settlement the First All-Russia congress of futurists took place, where Kazimir Malevich participated. The meeting was held in the house of the artist and poetess Elena Guro, who found in Polyany the last shelter.

Ресторан AmBar


Let's stop by for lunch at AmBar. In the warm season you can sit on the summer terrace to admire the lake during your meal. The menu can be praised for its variety - there are separate dishes for little visitors.

Victoria Hotel Vyborg

Кордон Кузьмича

Scenic Lookouts

The film "Features of National Fishing" (1997) was filmed on the outskirts of the village Sovetsky, Vyborgsky district. It was here that the drunkenness of the mountain fishermen who lost their way and found themselves in Finland continued. Now in that very place on the bay bank there is a camping site "Cordon Kuzmicha" - let's look here for a while.

Дом с привидениями

Historic Sites

And here we are in Vyborg. We'll start our walk through the city from Fortress Street - the main street of the city. In March 2010 it turned into Andriyivsky Descent - Kiev Prospect, where Turbins lived (however, in his novel Mikhail Bulgakov renamed this Descent into Alekseevsky). As you have already understood, the series "White Guard" with Konstantin Khabensky, Vladimir Mashkov and other famous actors was filmed here. Artists-decorators have worked for glory: lined wooden porches in the street, decorated houses with plywood signs, made of foam plastic granite columns - almost like the real ones! And in two entrances of the first floor on Fortress 11 they made a bird shop. The half-ruined Goving house (haunted house) was also flickering in the frame. It was continued by pink "ointment" gates to Razezezhaya, which at the most inopportune moment for young Nikolai Turbin will be closed. And the English Baker Street for "Sherlock Holmes" (2013) was also built on Castle Hall; the episodes of "Admiral" (2006) were filmed here.

Часовая башня

Monuments / Landmarks

An important scene from the film "Sannikov Land" (1973) was filmed in Vyborg. Do you remember how Oleg Dal and Vladislav Dvorzhetsky's heroes climb the beautiful tower? Well, that was the Clock Tower, which will meet you on Khrepostnaya Street. Filming was complicated, the actors were replaced by Leningrad mountaineers. Another problem was discovered later: the TV antennas on the rooftops of the surrounding houses got into the frame. The film crew had to climb up to the roofs and dump all the antennas. As a result, at that moment there was an important football match, which was interrupted because of the news reporters. To settle the scandal, the locals were given 100 rubles each.

Ладьи викингов «Драккары»

Monuments / Landmarks

Especially for the film "And Trees Grow on Stone" (1985) in Vyborg, Viking wooden rooks or drakkars were built in life-size. After the filming Stanislav Rostotsky presented the city with giant boats, and they immediately became one of its symbols. In 2009, the film sculptures became dilapidated and had to be replaced with new ones, which were slightly different in color. By the way, the main prize of the Window to Europe Film Festival, held annually in Vyborg, is the Golden Rook.



Dinner at Espila, one of the oldest restaurants in town. It's been in the history since 1868! It's "the most accurate reconstruction of a Finnish restaurant lost during the war". The price tag is unlikely to seem outstanding to the residents of St. Petersburg: the prices are quite adequate for such a popular place. Live music and "casino" on sparkling wine are a bonus to the solid menu and cozy atmosphere.

Кинотеатр «Кинополис»

Indie Movie Theaters

Vyborg's nightlife isn't so bad. If there aren't enough events at Espil, you can walk through the local bars. Or, stick to the theme of our trip, go to an evening session at Cinopolis, the only cinema in the area.

Victoria Hotel Vyborg

After such a beautiful day, the best solution is to get a good night's sleep! Hurry up to the hotel.