The memorial ‘Arizona’. The battleship ‘Missouri’. Feeding fish and ducks. Walking among tropical plants. Strolling at the Hollywood shooting sites. Going by the historical railroad. Ruins of palace. Unbelievable views of Honolulu. Breathtaking sights at the mountains. Beaches with white sand and blue water. The monument of Hawaiian actor and swimmer. .

Cinema adventure on the island Oahu

This scenario perfectly suits you if you are a real amateur of cinema and stunning views. It is a true adventure during which you will be able to play diverse roles. Apply to yourselves the characters of archeologist and detective. Besides, become a photo-reporter and catch landscapes which are worth of the best glossy zine. A plenty of romance, visits to historical places and even a piece of Japan await you. The rest will be very active, you will climb the mountains, walk among tropical plants and go by the railroad. Almost forgot, an enormous labyrinth and plunging into Hawaiian culture is ahead.

Cinema adventure on the island Oahu

7 days itinerary by Gvenet Bloom - History and Culture, Beach and Relax - Car, 4 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture, Beach and Relax

Day 1: Chicken in the traditions of cinema

Hardly we have arrived at the place when an exciting evening is already waiting for us. Why is it exciting? – Because we are having dinner in the restaurant, the history of which is worth of shooting a documentary film.
Visiting: Honolulu

Day 2: And they are captured in the history forever

Although today we will manage to stroll in the park where fish and ducks will be fed by us and to rest on the beach, I think that the most important event is the visit to the sunk battleship ‘Arizona’ and a museum-ship ‘Missouri’ as both of these giants left a remarkable trail in the history of humanity.
Visiting: Honolulu, 'Aiea, Kapolei

Day 3: By the railroad and along the jungles

An amusive and educative trip by the historical railroad thanks to which we will finally understand how did Indiana Jones somersaulted and fought on the roof of carriage. Well, okay, we are unlikely to realize, but at least we can imagine how it was. Later, we will plunge into the beautiful world of flora and fauna. Besides, as much knowledge about plants and flowers as it is possible will be absorbed by us.
Visiting: Honolulu, Wahiawa, 'Ewa Beach, Hale'iwa

Day 4: Romance and pineapples

Today it is all about romance. We will rest in the open air. Besides, an answer to the question: 'Who is a pineapple king' will be given to us. Feel yourselves crazy lovebirds the same way Lucy and Henry in the "50 first dates" felt or just enjoy unique nature of island. Look at Honolulu from the height and let your imagination run wild.
Visiting: Hale'iwa, Pupukea, Waialua, Wahiawa, Hau'ula, Kahuku

Day 5: Jurassic Park and a piece of Japan

Today there are adventures in the style of Jurassic Park and the very same unbelievably lush green views which can be seen in the cinema ahead.
Visiting: Kahuku, Ka'a'awa, La'ie, Kaneohe, Honolulu

Day 6: An archeologist or a a detective?

A lot of impersonations and absolutely different positive emotions awaits you today. Firstly, we will set forward to savour natural landscapes. Right after that we will visit authentic ruins which will make you feel archeologists. Later we will understand what the detective Magnum experienced when he flew over Honolulu and, finally, we will stroll along the ocean coast.
Visiting: Honolulu, Kaneohe

Day 7: Hawaiian actor

Today a sweet romantic breakfast and an acquaintance with an actor whom the Hawaiians can be proud of awaits you.
Visiting: Honolulu