Cinema adventure on the island Oahu – Day 7: Hawaiian actor

Today a sweet romantic breakfast and an acquaintance with an actor whom the Hawaiians can be proud of awaits you.
Cinema adventure on the island Oahu

Trip duration: 7 days

Gvenet Bloom

Kona Coffee Purveyors | b.patisserie

Cafés, Coffee Shops, Bakeries

A pretty bakery with unbelievably delicious coffee. In the end-of-holiday morning we were eager to catch each and every moment and to stop time. You know, we were close to success! We drank a big cup of coffee and ate fresh bakery, looking into each other’s eyes as it is done in the most romantic scenes in the world of cinema.

Duke Kahanamoku Statue

Outdoor Sculptures

Dear friends! Say, how is that? The cinema spot tour and we haven’t even mentioned actors of Hawaiian origin? It won’t do! Let’s correct the situation: just look, there is a statue of prominent Olympic swimming champion and actor Duke Kahanamokum (1890 – 1968). Why is an actor and a swimmer embodied with a surf boat? – It is because he popularized surfing during his trips all over the world. I think if he knew how many people are into this sport today, he would be pleased.