Cinema adventure on the island Oahu – Day 6: An archeologist or a a detective?

A lot of impersonations and absolutely different positive emotions awaits you today. Firstly, we will set forward to savour natural landscapes. Right after that we will visit authentic ruins which will make you feel archeologists. Later we will understand what the detective Magnum experienced when he flew over Honolulu and, finally, we will stroll along the ocean coast.
Cinema adventure on the island Oahu

Trip duration: 7 days

Gvenet Bloom

Musubi Cafe IYASUME

Japanese Restaurants, Breakfast Spots

Japanese cuisine is quite popular on Hawaii, this spot specializes in sushi, but there are salads, soups and other dishes as well here. The cafe is crowded, food is taken quickly that is why everything is fresh. Spam musubi is a Hawaiian sandwich of an unbelievable taste, rice of the best quality and seaweeds perfectly supplement it.

Ho‘omaluhia Botanical Garden

Botanical Gardens

I know we have visited some breathtaking places, and still, is it possible to be full of such stunning sights which this island is rich in? Do you know this method when you need to wait for the certain time till a sunbeam falls in the certain direction? There is a similar secret in this garden which reveals after rain. If you are lucky, it will pour the day before and you will see a lot of waterfalls running down the mountain.

The Kaniakapupu Ruins

I am sure that nothing has been shot here. However, this place is of great importance. First of all, these ruins once used to be a summer residence of Hawaiian king Kamehameha III and the queen Kalama. Secondly, in 1847 a huge national Hawaiian party named Luau was organized here. This celebration was dedicated to the Sovereignty Restoration Day and 10 thousand guests participated in it. This historical spot is a treasure for such cinema amateurs as we are. Such authentic ruins are hard to find in the whole world.

Yanagi Sushi

Japanese Restaurants, Sushi Restaurants

An excellent restaurant with a wide range of dishes. There are Japanese and Korean cuisines here. We decided to try both. The best thing about Asian food is that you can simply share it. Friendly staff and fast service make you love this place from the first visit.

Diamond Head State Monument

This spot give you an opportunity to enjoy one of the best views to the Pacific Ocean and to Honolulu. The military used to use this place as an observation point to anticipate attacks on the city. Going up and down in total take 1,5-2 hours, the gates are closed at 6 p.m., so make sure that you return by that time. I wish you to get satisfaction from the sight to Honolulu, a famous detective Magnum, a character of a popular TV serial of the same name, often visited this city. Let’s give a touch to the world of detective investigations thanks to the tourist attraction. I would like to draw you attention to the fact that you should take water with you and that only cash are received.

Kahala Beach


A beach from the picture – that is the exact description of this place. It has been noticed on tha pages of magazine ‘Honolulu’ more than once so far. It is such a delight to walk along white sand and to listen to the sound of waves in the company of the beloved person. Every moment is precious, let the stroll here turn into wonderful moments for you.

Roy's Waikiki

Hawaiian Restaurants

My association to Hawaiian islands is the certain form of umbrella. I don’t know what such umbrellas are made from, but if you do to this restaurant, you will be able to sit under one of them outside and will understand what I am talking about. The atmosphere here reminded me of the film ‘Just go with it’, there were these umbrellas all over the cinema. The menu is diverse: there are local plats, sushi and other popular all over the world dishes. You won’t be disappointed.