Cinema adventure on the island Oahu – Day 4: Romance and pineapples

Today it is all about romance. We will rest in the open air. Besides, an answer to the question: 'Who is a pineapple king' will be given to us. Feel yourselves crazy lovebirds the same way Lucy and Henry in the "50 first dates" felt or just enjoy unique nature of island. Look at Honolulu from the height and let your imagination run wild.
Cinema adventure on the island Oahu

Trip duration: 7 days

Gvenet Bloom

Kono's Big Wave Cafe

American Restaurants, Breakfast Spots

Sauces are the most memorable thing about this cafe, they make you long for more. Breakfast happened to be nutritious and delicious, although it took us more time than we had expected. Our order wasn’t brought at once, but all the dishes were piping hot. The food was worth of expecting.

waialua beach


Let’s rest a little bit from films, which had been long created and had got their success. This beach is aimed at making own romantic cinema. Just two of us headed to this journey and here we were lucky to enjoy the stunning views to the ocean and our feelings to each other to the full. Sit at the sand holding hands, gamble standing ankle deep in water and take joint photos, shoot some videos. We wish you to create your own happy fairytale.

Kaena Point


I will briefly tell the story which may run imagination riot. Who knows, you may become the ones who will write a scenario for a new film to be shot on Hawaii? Kaea means ‘heat’, this place was named after the Goddess Pele’s (the creator of Hawaii) brother who accompanied her from kahiki (the place where all the Gods come from). Another story says that this venue where all the souls jump from to go to the next world. Well, has you imagination already started to draw a story? In fact, this point is guarded by the Government as an array of originally Hawaiian animals, fish and plants inhabit it. You can either do snorkeling or just stroll along the white sand.

Dole Plantation

Farms, Monuments / Landmarks, Restaurants

How about having some fun? Here you can do so many thrilling things. For example, to walk in the hune labyrinth, learning flora and fauna of Hawaiian islands which forms the walls. Or, maybe, you want to ride a train and to listen to the history of this place and about how James Drummond Dole got the nickname of a pineapple king? In reality you can do both and even more. In the film ‘50 first dates’ Lucy Whitmore and her father went for buying a pineapple for every birthday of his. What if they went to this exact plantation?

3 Bedroom House Near the Beach

Hauula Beach Park


A narrow beach coast and breathtaking surrounding area make a deep impression, especially, when you are almost alone here. We were very happy to spend some time in private and face to face with nature. It is such a romance! The place is situated in the shoal, so the best thing to do here is to snorkel if the ocean is calm. The name of beach is translated like ‘Hibiscus tiliaceus’, Hawaii are a natural habitat for this flower. Hibiscus is a symbol of islands and is a favourite pattern for Hawaiian t-shirts, which are popular among celebrities. For instant, Leonardo DiCaprio and Orlando Bloom can bluster with couple of nice pictures where Hibiscus is perfectly seen.

Papa Ole's Kitchen


The first thing to demonstrate the level of spot is that it is of big popularity among the locals. The second issue to catch the eyes is that the staff know the majority of client by names. We received a warm welcome. Portions are big, all the plats are flavorous and have a perfect taste. We had a pleasant evening. Besides, a few interesting stories about the island were told to us.