Start and end of the trip is in Dublin. Drive your rental car around the whole country. Get to know the medieval treasures of Ireland.

Charming medieval Ireland

When somebody mentions Ireland, the first idea that unwittingly comes into your mind is a pint of beer, a pub or a famous Irish dance. However, the main Ireland’s attractions are its amazing nature and impressive history that everyone can see through ancient medieval castles, strict gothic cathedrals and many religious buildings. This road trip provides a seven-day route with visits to the most interesting places, where you can find a majestic medieval atmosphere.

Charming medieval Ireland

8 days itinerary by Nataliya Kharlanova - History and Culture - Car, 6 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: Let's start our wonderful trip!

Extraordinary species will not leave you indifferent as soon as you get to Dublin. It's true that tonight we preferred not to be burdened so that we could rest after the road and take things apart.
Visiting: Dublin

Day 2: We study the spiritual places of Ireland.

We decided to get up early to see everything, because so much is planned for today. We will visit holy places, art museum, see beautiful sights and even visit the brewery!
Visiting: Dublin

Day 3: Long way

Today we're going to make some progress on our way to see two beautiful castles. Medieval Ireland is beautiful and very unusual!
Visiting: Dublin, Cahir, Lismore, Cashel

Day 4: Continuing to inspect the corners of Ireland.

Our trip today is planned in such a way that we will see the castle, take a walk in nature and even go to one very beautiful church.
Visiting: Cork, Lismore, Cahir, County Cork

Day 5: We continue our journey through the Middle Ages.

Today we will take a full dive into the Middle Ages, see the magnificent castles and walk in the park and one of the historic sites of Ireland.
Visiting: Cill Airne, Cork, Blarney

Day 6: Sightseeing

We also continue to watch the castles, go look at the mohair cliffs and take a walk on the beach.
Visiting: Cill Airne, Lahinch, Liscannor, Bunratty

Day 7: Concluding day in Ireland

As this is our last day in Ireland, today we will look at a few more castles and take a little walk, and then go to our room to pack our bags and rest before the upcoming flight home.
Visiting: Lahinch, Birr, County Clare, Clonmacnoise

Day 8: Returning home

Our trip has come to an end, today we will rent out the rented car and go home.
Visiting: Dublin, Birr