Balloon Festival . Best Seafood Restaurants . Charleston Aquarium.

Charleston Hot Air Balloon Festival & Polo Match

A short travel scenario for those going to Charleston for the Victory Cup match and the Balloon Festival. Charleston itself is a very picturesque place, so we've added a few interesting places in the city and its environs, which you can feel the local color. Please note that tickets for the match and festival should be purchased separately from the official website of the project.

Charleston Hot Air Balloon Festival & Polo Match

3 days itinerary by Jonathan May - Weekend - Car, 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Weekend

Day 1: Fabulous garden and first day of the festival

There you are in Charleston! There's still time before the Balloon Festival, and we suggest you spend it in the amazing scenic garden.
Visiting: Charleston, North Charleston

Day 2: Upstairs!

Fun continues! Almost the whole day will be held in the atmosphere of the holiday on the city's seafront, and in case you want to get to know the local cuisine, we have added a few decent restaurants to the itinerary of the day.
Visiting: Charleston

Day 3: South Carolina Aquarium

The journey is coming to an end and before heading to the airport we suggest you to visit another interesting attraction - the local aquarium and sea turtle rehabilitation centre.
Visiting: Charleston