Champagne: Sights & Drinks – Day 4: We're exploring the outskirts of Epernay.

Today will be full of different impressions, we plan to go outside the city of Epernay. Beautiful landscapes, amazing architecture, authentic restaurants and, of course, fine wines await us.
Champagne: Sights & Drinks

Trip duration: 8 days

Kirill Khomko

PAUL Epernay

Great place for breakfast and coffee. Fresh orange juice and good sandwiches.

Statue du Pape Urbain II

Monuments / Landmarks

A great view from the top of the hill.

Château de Condé


Private estate in the park, where there are trees more than three hundred years old.

Château de Fère-en-Tardenois


Our journey has led us to one of the finest architectural creations in the region, the Château de Fère-en-Tardenois. The architectural elements that adorn its walls and facade are in a predominantly Gothic style. The building is also surrounded by beautiful nature.

Le bois joli

French Restaurants

On your way back visit this great restaurant for lunch. According to the information on the website, it works during the day.

Monument Américain de Château-Thierry

Memorial Sites, Historic Sites

This great monument in memory of the victims of the First World War, especially beautiful at sunset.

La Table Kobus

French Restaurants

Moving back to the hotel, you can spend an evening dining in a cozy restaurant called La Table Kobus. Its interior is very thoughtful and elegant and the staff is very friendly and sociable. In the menu you can find traditional French delicacies and supplement your dinner with fine wines.