Visit the unsurpassed churches of Lisbon and Évora . Discover the famous Chapel of Bones . Taste a variety of traditional wines and learn to recognize quality . Spend a long relaxing evening in the spa centre.

Another Road from Porto to Lisbon

The other road from Porto to Lisbon is not about classical souvenir shops and historical museums. This scenario will suit the real connoisseurs of art and architectural masterpieces who want to get to know the palaces, churches, monasteries... The route was created for those who like to travel by car. In large and small historical cities, it is recommended to go on foot between closely located landmarks so as not to waste time searching for parking and enjoy the cosy atmosphere of the Old World. Only you, your car and lots of beautiful places in Portugal!

Another Road from Porto to Lisbon

7 days itinerary by Kirill Khomko - History and Culture - Car, 3 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: First day in Porto

Welcome to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, according to many travellers. I've added some interesting sights for you to visit and a nice restaurant to have dinner. It's up to you in which order you want to have it all.
Visiting: Porto, Lisbon

Day 2: Explore the area

On this day, you can fully experience Porto and have a short getaway to the north to visit a picturesque fort on the ocean shore.
Visiting: Porto, Lisbon

Day 3: Road to Lisbon

After a nice morning in Porto, drive out to the south. On your way to Lisbon, you will visit some of the smaller towns and a castle. Lunch and dinner are also offered outside of the big cities.
Visiting: Porto, Tomar, Viseu, Lisbon

Day 4: Exploring Lisbon

Today you can park your car and use public transport or taxis to travel around, but – it's up to you. The whole day will be dedicated to Lisbon.
Visiting: Lisbon

Day 5: Not for everyone...

After spending half a day more in Lisbon, drive out to the east to visit a place (if you can do it, of course), where there are thousands of bones and hundreds of skulls.
Visiting: Evora, Reguengos de Monsaraz, Lisbon

Day 6: Culture of Evora

Today, you will spend a day in atmospheric and beautiful Evora. Get to know its culture, check out the sights and streets of the town, try the local specialities during lunch and dinner.
Visiting: Evora, Lisbon

Day 7: Back to Lisbon

Today is the final day of the itinerary. If you are following it, get back to Lisbon, enjoy some more nice places that the city has to offer if you have time and get ready for your trip back home
Visiting: Evora, Lisbon