Ancient fortresses of Northern Russia – Day 6: Beauties of ancient estates

Today our journey ends and we head back to St. Petersburg. On the way, we plan to visit several famous ancient manors and the legendary Palace Park in Gatchina.
Ancient fortresses of Northern Russia

Trip duration: 6 days

Alexandr Kosar

Cafe Le Chocolat

Restaurants, Cafés

We decided to start the last day of our trip in a small cafe with a sweet name "Le Chocolat". We were very pleased with the stylish and original interior of the place in a European manner. It's also a good place to eat for those who follow the figure. So, we had a very tasty fruit salad with orange frescoes and homemade sorbets.

Усадьба Н. А. Некрасова «Чудовская лука»

History Museums

Novgorod region, as well as neighboring regions, is very rich in various cultural objects, and our first stop today will be the beautiful estate Chudovskaya Luka, which belonged to the great Russian writer N. A. Nekrasov. Here the great poet rested from the bustle of the city, enjoying the beautiful landscapes and rural life and working on his works. Monday's the day off.

Усадьба Марьино

Historic Sites

Already in the Leningrad region we made our next stop in one of the most beautiful historical estates in the region - Maryino. Any visitor will be fascinated by the beauty of local landscapes. There are figured bridges over small rivers, and incredible sculptures around the main building, and, of course, a blossoming garden.


Pizza Places, Cafés

After a walk through the manor, we headed for Tosno. Here we stopped at Cafe Baffo for lunch. In general, the place specializes in Italian cuisine, although there is also a Japanese menu. The choice of pizza and rolls here is just huge, but we had to taste julienne, as well as chicken shish kebab.

Palace Park (Дворцовый парк)


And a walk through one of the most beautiful places in the Leningrad region, the Gatchina Palace Park, will complete our unforgettable journey. A whole day will not be enough to see all the local beauties, so we tried to see the most famous objects, including the palace itself, as well as gardens, a greenhouse and the Chesmen Obelisk.


Scandinavian Restaurants

We went to a Nordic restaurant for dinner. The interior of the restaurant is very bright and spacious. The menu has a lot of non-standard dishes, for example, we remember venison tar-tar and corn soup with shrimp. In addition, there is a special playroom for children.