Ancient fortresses of Northern Russia – Day 5: The very heart of Veliky Novgorod

There are many plans in our program today. Of course, all of them will be associated with the exploration of the sights of Veliky Novgorod. We will visit the main city museums, where the history and culture of this region are covered in all details.
Ancient fortresses of Northern Russia

Trip duration: 6 days

Alexandr Kosar

Дом коромыслом


It was decided to start the day in a cozy cafe "Koromyslom House", the interior of which fully reproduces the situation of old Russian taverns. The menu is quite extensive, but we chose pancakes and monastic porridge. The cafe is open Monday through Saturday.

Музей изобразительных искусств

Art Museums

One of the most important cultural monuments in Veliky Novgorod is the Fine Arts Museum, located near the Kremlin. There is an extensive collection of works by many Russian and foreign artists of the XVIII-XX centuries. The sections of the exposition are very diverse, there are also graphics, sculpture, portrait and landscape painting, and much more.

Музей деревянного зодчества «Витославлицы»

History Museums

On the southern outskirts of Veliky Novgorod there is a museum of Vitoslavlitsa - one of the most interesting and detailed exhibition complexes, which tells about the life, lifestyle, holidays and customs of our ancestors. His exposition is divided into several thematic zones, each of which has its own interesting features: you can both learn the craft and feed the goats.



After the tour, in order not to go far, we went to a cozy cafe "Telegraf", located on Ludogoshcha Street. The atmosphere here is very relaxing and comfortable. From what we liked in the menu, it is worth noting a beef lagman and a chukka salad.

Владычная (грановитая) палата

History Museums

The Lord's Chamber is one of the unique buildings of Veliky Novgorod, made in the style of European Gothic. Excursions are held here, acquainting visitors with the history, as well as jewelry, once flourished in these places. Tourists are invited to examine in detail the works of the best Byzantine, European, as well as Old Russian jewelers. The museum is closed on Monday.

Кремлёвский парк


The rest of the evening can be dedicated to a walk in Kremlin Park. There are a lot of unique objects that are worth seeing. Among them are the monument to the great Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninov, the Sofia bell ringer and, of course, the monument "The Millennium of Russia".

Ресторанный комплекс "Фрегат Флагман"

Russian Restaurants, Nightclubs

Bring everyone upstairs! Restaurant complex "Fregat Flagman" is a unique institution, located literally on board the ship. The interior is furnished in the appropriate style. The dishes in the menu are also very original, there are many delicacies from game and fish to choose from, as well as a large selection of Japanese and Asian cuisine.