Ancient fortresses of Northern Russia – Day 1: Defensive fortifications and fabulous cities on the way to Kingisepp

Today begins our journey through the Leningrad region and its surrounding areas. We will go to Kingisepp, on the way visiting various interesting places, among which ancient defensive constructions, and also various historical parks.
Ancient fortresses of Northern Russia

Trip duration: 6 days

Alexandr Kosar

Volkswagen Polo Sedan

Железнодорожные артиллерийские орудия

Historic Sites

The first stop in our trip will be near the famous defense line on the coast of the Gulf of Finland called Fort Krasnaya Gorka. On its territory there are many historical objects, including two huge artillery guns, as well as some defensive structures.


Historic Sites

In Sosnovy Bor we decided to make a stop in Andersengrad theme park on the numerous recommendations of our friends. In this miniature town every object is somehow connected with the work of Hans Christian Andersen. During the walk you can see a lot of funny architecture, as well as immerse yourself in the world of fairy tales known from childhood. Of course, children will like it better, but the place is funny.



After a walk through the fairytale world, we headed for lunch at one of the local cafes called Spices&Strast. In the menu of the restaurant among the numerous dishes we liked pumpkin soup with riccotta and croutons, as well as magnificent salmon with zucchini and Parmesan dressing.

Копорская крепость


In the village of Koporje, there is a rather famous ancient defensive structure, the Koporje Fortress. It was founded back in the thirteenth century, was destroyed many times, passed from one side to the other, and only during the reign of Peter the Great fortress was fixed for Russia. Today it is included in the list of objects of cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia, and excursions on its territory are regularly held.

Парк Романовка


It so happened that by the time we arrived in Kingisepp we had a small amount of time left, which we eventually decided to spend on a walk in the historic park Romanovka. Once upon a time, this land belonged to a Patriotic War hero, General C.I. Bistrom. It was in his honor that the famous sculpture Bronze Lion was erected in the center of the park.

The Collection

Gastropubs, Irish Pubs

"The Collection" is a nice cafe bar on Karl Marx Avenue. This is where we wanted to have dinner after a walk in the park. It was very lively in the evening. We ordered a traditional borscht as well as a shrimp salad. By the way, there's a fairly wide range of alcoholic beverages on offer.