Sukhanovo. Ostafievo. Dubrovitz.

Ancient estates of the south of Moscow region

Anyone can go to Moscow, but what if we explore its surroundings? If you have time before, after or between flights that you want to fill with something interesting, our travel scenarios are at your service! Follow the plan or choose the places from the route you want to visit. In this scenario, you will not travel far from the airport, but visit several beautiful estates in a short time. Walk through the most beautiful areas, visit the museum, enjoy the views and taste the quality dishes in the restaurants with the highest rating in this part of the Moscow region.

Ancient estates of the south of Moscow region

2 days itinerary by Alexander Polyakov - History and Culture - Car, 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: Legacy of the Russian nobility

Rent a car and go on the road, today you will visit two ancient manors, discover all facets of Russian classicism, as well as get acquainted with collections of paintings, graphics, arts and crafts and rare books in Ostafyevo.
Visiting: Podolsk, Ostafyevo, Sukhanovo, Moscow

Day 2: Let's go to Dubrovica.

Most of today will be devoted to the inspection of the estate of the Princes Golitsyn in Dubrovitsy. The main attraction of the estate is Znamenskaya Church, built in a very unusual and atypical for Russia architectural style, which later received the name "Golitsyn Baroque".
Visiting: Podolsk, Moscow, Polivanovo