Amazing Places on the Outskirts of Walhalla – Day 3: Walks in the Botanical Garden

Before we drop off the car and go home, we'll spend time in the botanical garden.
Amazing Places on the Outskirts of Walhalla

Trip duration: 3 days

Darcy Moore

Pot Belly Deli

Delis / Bodegas

There are not many places around that open early in the morning, but Pot Belly Dely is just that. There's a pretty good selection of sandwiches and delicious coffee - just what you need for breakfast.

South Carolina State Botanical Gardens


In fact, in this botanical garden you can spend much more time than two hours, there is so much to do! We walked along well-groomed paths and looked at exotic plants, visited an ancient house-museum, took pictures of butterflies and got acquainted with the collection of the geological museum, also located in the park.


Pizza Places

Despite the rich breakfast, after a walk in the botanical garden we were hungry and decided to stop by the nearest pizzeria. We ordered a pizza "Deluxe" - delicious, lots of stuffing, really enjoyed it.