Alsace, Lorraine, Champagne - relatives or neighbors? (France) – Day 5: Architecture of the City of Metz

We keep moving towards the Champagne region and today's stop is the city of Metz, which is known for its rich architecture. We also plan to visit several local restaurants and take a tour.
Alsace, Lorraine, Champagne - relatives or neighbors? (France)

Trip duration: 8 days

Ekaterina Shmelkova


You can also spend the morning in a nice restaurant called Paul. It serves traditional French breakfast dishes, among which are all favorite croissants, various toasts, and most importantly, hot coffee. The atmosphere of the cafe is also very cozy and hospitable.

Gare SNCF de Metz Ville

Train Stations

Metz, the largest city of Lorraine, was the outpost of France, and after 1871, the place where even the architecture manifested itself as a German nobility. Thus, in 1908, at the direction of Kaiser Wilhelm, a neo-romantic-style railway station building was built, surprising with its pompousness.

Metz Cathedral

If you doubt whether or not to visit this cathedral, I will give you three reasons to visit it. First of all, the Cathedral of Metzo is the owner of the largest stained-glass windows in Europe - 6500 m2! Side windows occupy an area of about 400 m2. It's a really awesome sight! Secondly, the famous artist Mark Chagall made a number of stained-glass windows for the cathedral. Unfortunately, one of them was destroyed by robbers who had their eyes on the gilded decoration of the Cathedral of Metzo and broke a priceless stained glass window only to get inside. And finally, third, the red marble font. In ancient times, the Roman city of Divodurum stood on the site of modern Metz, which is typical enough for the era. The developed infrastructure of the city and its proximity to water made it possible to equip a high-quality water supply system (naturally, within the technical features of its time). Even bathrooms began to appear in the houses of the rich Romans. It is not known how the fate of the owner of one of them (most likely he died during the barbaric invasion in 451), but the bath of red marble survived the owner. She was used by churchmen as a font. Later on, Napoleon was so conquered by her appearance that he decided to send the bathroom as a gift to Josephine. It is only thanks to the persuasion of the rector of the Cathedral of Metzo that the unique bathroom remained in its place. Look at this miracle of Antiquity, adapted to the everyday life of the Christian Catholic cathedral!

Les Moulins Bleus

Diners, French Restaurants

After quite long walks and excursions it is worth taking a short break for a little rest and dinner. Café Les Moulins Bleus has everything you need for this. Traditional national cuisine is served here, and the interior is designed in a cosy and soothing style.

Centre Pompidou-Metz

Art Museums

The Pompidou Centre in Metz is a modern architectural building designed by Shigeru Ban and Jean de Gastin. It is a hexagonal structure, crossed by three galleries, with a 7-metre high mast at its centre, reminiscent of the Pompidou Centre in Paris. This complex can host numerous exhibitions of contemporary art thanks to its vast area of 5,000 m² for exhibitions. The Pompidou-Metz Centre is an art centre dedicated to contemporary art. His cultural project includes temporary exhibitions, as well as live performances, films and negotiations in his premises. Ongoing workshops for children and young people provide an understanding of artistic movements and highlight the potential of art.

Porte des Allemands

Historic Sites

The German Gate in Metz is part of the medieval city fortifications, or rather of what has survived to this day. The seven-kilometre fortifications left a small fragment, and the gates are the only ones in the city. The German gate and a fragment of the wall were recognized as a historical monument in 1966.

Place Saint-Jacques


The esplanade (wide open space) behind the Palace of Justice and the Muayen Bridge offer a beautiful view of Moselle's fan-sleeved sleeves.

La Winstub

French Restaurants

La Winstub - a very cozy place, which is perfect for a quiet evening of a busy day in the company of friends and family. Traditional French cuisine is served here, especially it is worth noting a variety of desserts, as well as salads and other light snacks.