Adventure: a family trip – Day 6: From Rostov the Great to Moscow.

The final day of our unforgettable journey. The plan is to visit the Rostov Kremlin and cafe-museum, where you will be treated with hot strong tea and fragrant onion bun. We will finish our adventure in a cozy restaurant.
Adventure: a family trip

Trip duration: 6 days

Anastasia Baklanova

Алеша Попович

Restaurants, Breweries

I invite you to breakfast in one of the most recommended restaurants of the city. Very atmospheric, pleasant interior and fast service. There is a game area and a children's menu! It is possible to reserve a table in advance.

Ростовский кремль

Historic Sites

The Rostov Kremlin - a business card of the city. The territory of the Rostov Kremlin has the status of a museum-reserve and is divided into three parts. In the centre there is the Bishop's Court, the Cathedral Square to the north and the picturesque Metropolitan's garden to the south. The oldest building of the Rostov Kremlin is the Assumption Cathedral, which appeared here in the early 16th century.

Музей финифти

Art Museums

Rostov Veliky is the birthplace of the folk craft of finifting. Finifting is a technique of painting on enamel. The museum itself is one of the most visited by tourists in the museum-reserve "Rostov Kremlin". The exposition of the museum consists of 3000 exhibits and allows to get acquainted with products of art crafts, which originated in the XVIII century.

Кафе-музей 'Луковая слобода'

History Museums

Here you will have a very interesting excursion and tell the story of Onion of Rostov and related customs. How onions are grown and kept. And at the end they will treat you with hot strong tea and aromatic onion bun. At [site]( you should leave an application to visit the museum.

Торбеево озеро


It's time to stretch out a little and take a walk on the lake shore. And on the way!


Japanese Restaurants

To complete our trip I suggest to have a rest and share impressions about the trip in a restaurant of Asian cuisine.