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Travel guides provide suggestions of locations, establishments, and businesses to visit. Such suggestions are proffered by the authors of guides, deriving from their personal experiences. Unless expressly indicated on the guide's page, no recommendation shall be construed as a paid endorsement or promotional activity.

Travel guides may not reflect actual circumstances on the travel day. Predicted journey distance, arrival times, routes, and points of interests are all estimates, and we do not guarantee that any use of the information on our website will result in any desired results for you. We do not guarantee that all locations are fully accurate on our maps.

To make your trip comfortable and safe, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the traffic situation in the selected region in advance. Consider the possibility of traffic jams and their impact on travel time. Check temporary road closures and weather conditions. It is your sole responsibility to beware of the road conditions and information provided on the road such as traffic signs, traffic signals, and any other restrictions.

Road.Travel is not responsible for the obsolescence of information about the schedule and time of work and restricts of the locations and activities within the travel guide. Responsibility for the quality of the provided services, transferring, cancelling, and changing the duration of events lies entirely with the company that provides the service.

Please note that all the bookable services should be reserved by the traveller beforehand. Before starting your journey, we strongly recommend to make sure that you have received all booking confirmations and all the data they contain is correct.

Travellers are responsible for their safety as well as for the safety and security of the vehicle during the trip. You are responsible for confirming the actual service, maintenance, and operational needs of your vehicle. You are responsible for your own conduct and must observe all applicable ordinances, laws, and rules when visiting, driving, parking etc.

Road.Travel is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of data provided by companies featured in our travel guides. Some activities are offered by independent third-party agencies, not by Road.Travel, and are beyond our control. In the event of an injury, loss, or any incident during an activity, compensation should be sought directly from the respective agency, not from Road.Travel or its employees. These agencies are independent entities; as such, we are not liable for their actions, errors, or negligence, nor for any personal injuries, deaths, or damages resulting from their activities. Additionally, we are not liable for circumstances beyond our control, including technical failures, actions of third parties, natural disasters, regulatory changes, or other force majeure events.

Travel guides can contain visits to places where alcohol is served. Make sure that at least one of the travellers stays sober when visiting such venues. Never drive in a state of intoxication.

Road.Travel is not liable for the closure and inactivity of gas stations or EV charging stations and other locations. Please note that the car charging time recommended in the travel guide is approximate and may depend on external circumstances, including your driving habits, speed, roads or weather.

We will not be liable if, for any reason, the website is unavailable for any period of time.

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