Commitment to Compliance

These compliance guidelines are the basis for strict compliance by the executives and employees of Timescenery Ltd and its affiliated companies with laws and applications concerning all business activities. Performing our jobs with sincerity and in conformity with social and ethical standards is another important aspect of these guidelines. Everyone at the Timescenery Ltd is dedicated to setting an example for others and firmly establishing these guidelines at all workplaces. The objectives of these activities are increasing the public’s trust in Timescenery Ltd and enabling the group to make even greater contributions to society and protecting the environment.

The Environment

Environmental activities

In accordance with the corporate philosophy, everyone at Timescenery Ltd contributes to environmental harmony and improvements based on the recognition of each individual’s significant responsibilities for protecting the environment.
We select methods and approaches with the smallest possible environmental impact for all of our activities.


We strictly comply with all environmental laws, regulations and other guidelines concerning business activities, services provided to customers and other activities.

Laws and Regulations


We strictly comply with all laws and regulations involving business activities.

Fair and unrestricted competition

Business activities comply with the applicable laws and regulations.

We never participate in collusion, cartels and other activities that impede fair and unrestricted competition.

We never use a business transaction to force a counterparty to accept unfavorable terms or be damaged in other ways.

Conflicts of interest

Members of Timescenery Ltd never engage in activities that are detrimental to the company’s legitimate interests or that attempt to earn profits or other benefits for themselves or a third party.

Intellectual property

We respect copyrights, trademarks, patents and other intellectual property and take actions to protect Timescenery Ltd’s intellectual property.

Confidential information

We preserve the confidentiality of information involving customers and business partners and handle confidential information with extreme care.

Workplace environment

All Timescenery Ltd workplaces are safe and healthy in compliance with labor laws and regulations.

Social and Ethical Guidelines

Corporate citizenship

We are committed to regional environmental protection and contributing to regional economic activity.

We are responsible members of communities and participate in community activities.

Anti-social elements

We resolutely oppose anti-social elements and never accede to pressure from organized criminal groups, shareholder meeting extortionists, terrorists and other anti-social elements.

Political activities and donations

We comply with laws and regulations concerning elections, political activities and donations and other associated matters and maintain a stance of fairness at all times.

Entertainment and gifts

We never use business for the purpose of receiving gifts or other improper benefits and refuse to accept entertainment or gifts that violate laws and regulations or are improper with respect to social standards.

Proper and transparent management and business activities

Customer relationships

We always use the standpoint of customers, placing priority on supplying products and services of the highest quality and safety.

We do everything possible to prevent problems involving the quality and safety of products and services. In the event of a problem, we respond with speed and sincerity.

Business partner relationships

We deal with all business partners with fairness and sincerity and maintain transparent relationships.

We always interact with business partners with fairness and sincerity and never use unsuitable business practices.

We never seek money or any other benefits for an individual in association with business activities.
Entertainment, gifts and other similar items involving business partners are received only in the context of sound business practices and social standards.

Shareholder and investor relationships

To enable shareholders and investors to reach reasonable decisions, we supply reliable and useful corporate information in a timely and proper manner while taking into account the need for the confidentiality of some information.

We prepare and oversee accurate records of corporate information for the purpose of supplying information in a timely and proper manner.

We cooperate fully with internal and external audits and investigations.

Human rights


We respect basic human rights and never discriminate or infringe on human rights on the basis of gender, nationality, race, beliefs, religion, social standing, job position or any other reason.

We maintain safe, healthy and pleasant workplaces where employees show respect for each other’s individuality and values.


We do not tolerate sexual or any other form of harassment.

Personal information

The privacy of individuals is one of our highest priorities. We comply with the Personal Information Protection Act and all other related laws and regulations and exercise extreme care when handling customer and other personal information.