Zoo, ATVs, Museum of Cosmonautics: for three days from Krasnodar with children. – Road.Travel

Zoo, ATVs, Museum of Cosmonautics: for three days from Krasnodar with children.

Road Trip Route. Visit kangaroos and camels in DoDo Park, Try space food in tubes, Climb the Dantovo Gorge in Goryachy Klyuch, Swim in a hot outdoor pool.

To see Egyptian pyramids, to try space food in tubes, to feed kangaroos and ostriches - Krasnodar Region is generous for unusual sights and entertainments. This three-day route is suitable for families with children of all ages: all places are equally interesting for both kids and teenagers. You have a lot of time to spend outside, in parks and foothills, so dress warmer - let nothing distract you from the rest! Route developed with the support of [Volkswagen Multivan](https://www.volkswagen-commercial.ru/ru/model-overview/multivan.html?utm_source=Multivan&utm_medium=cpm&utm_content=Multivan&utm_campaign=LCV_Road_Travel&tc=oa-LCV_Road_Travel-Multivan-cpm-Keyword_Multivan-banner).

Families with Kids, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Krasnodar

Volkswagen Multivan.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Cooking master class, horseback riding, zoo, development center

Start your day with a horseback ride and a children's cooking class in the "Valley of Lefkadia". Then visit charming pets in the DoDo Wildlife Park and visit the Edison Children's Development Center in Novorossiysk.


Horse Farm "Ekvilayn"

In the morning, go to Abinsk for a fascinating horseback ride organized by the club "Equeline". During the tour you will admire the mountain slopes and fields, make a halt at a cool spring, visit ancient shrines - a perfect start of a mini-trip with children. The time and duration of the ride you choose. The excursion has to be booked in advance by phone +79883400208. Look for details on the official [site](https://equeline.tiu.ru/).

музей Вина Лефкадия

"Lefkadia Valley" is an impressive winery complex, where it is pleasant to walk at any time of year. The complex has an original tower from which you can see the whole valley, French garden, picturesque Lake Gechepsin, bridges and rotundas. There are also master classes for children on cooking Italian pizza. Lesson should be booked in advance [here](https://lefkadiavalley.ru/children/) or by phone 8 (800) 200-30-33.

Amphora Restaurant

You can have lunch here, too. Restaurant Amfora uses exclusively local products and the menu includes interesting seasonal offers.

Парк Живой Природы

In the Wildlife Park ["DoDo"](https://www.park-zoo.ru/) in the village of Natuhaevskaya live kangaroos and camels, llamas and meerkats, pelicans, lemurs and other exotic animals, whose life can be seen for only 200-600 rubles. The park is open daily, all year round from 9:00 until dark. After a walk, you can have tea and bun at a small café on site.

Edison Children's Center for Development, Inventions and Lifehaqs

The Edison Children's Development Centre provides interesting and useful activities for children from 3 years old. The lessons last on average 1 hour. You can attend a master class on making neon lizards, decorate a water bottle or listen to a fascinating lecture about space. The cost of the class - 2500 rubles, time can be agreed (private lessons are held no earlier than 17:00). You can make an agreement about individual lesson by phone +7 (989) 245 52 49 or via the form on [site](https://deticentr.ru/).

Эники Беники

You can have dinner in the restaurant "Eniki Beniki", which is designed for family holidays. The menu includes salads, snacks, soups and, of course, dumplings with about 10 kinds of fillings. There is a children's room on the ground floor of the restaurant. You can reserve a table at [site](https://enik-benik.ru/) or by phone 8 (8617) 30-30-66.

Day 2: Lasertag, Kabardinka Beauties, ATVs, Quest.

In the morning fight in the laser club "Space" and walk around winter Novorossiysk. From there the way lies to the beautiful Old Park in Kabardinka, after which you can ride the slopes of the picturesque mountains with the wind on ATVs. Before dinner, try to get out of your quest room in Gelendzhik, and spend the night in the charming Archipo-Osipovka.

SPACE Laser Club

The playing area of the space labyrinth "Space" is 200 sq.m. This is a futuristic two-level playground with special effects and cool equipment. Traveling through the mazes can be carried out by a composition of 2 to 8 people over 6 years. The minimum game time is 15 minutes (150 rubles), the rental of the site for the company starts from 4000 rubles per hour. On weekdays the club is open from 14:00 to 20:00, on weekends - from 10:00 to 20:00. Visit only by appointment by phone or through the form on [site](https://www.lazer-space.ru/). If you can't get to the laser club, check out the trampoline center ["Cosmos"](http://cosmos-batut.ru/), which operates every day from 10am to 10pm.


Winter Novorossiysk is a very special spectacle. Don't miss an opportunity to walk along the quay to admire the winter sea, the bay and the opposite coast.

Старый парк

A small but cozy Old Park in Kabardinka is a magical place that does not lose its charm when winter comes. For a very long time you can look at every building, every element: there are Egyptian pyramids, Japanese corner, and "medieval" tower with a stone bridge. There are three museums on the territory of the park: House of Caucasus, House of East and Gallery of Modern Painting. Entrance ticket for an adult costs 600 rubles, for a child from 6 to 13 years - 300 rubles. In the winter period [park](https://stariypark.ru/) is open from 9:00 to 18:00.

Ресторан "Дача"

For lunch, have a look at Dacha Restaurant: Russian cuisine on the menu, including dishes from your own smokehouse. Natural seafood, wonderful cakes, fish delicacies, farmer's cheeses - no one will leave here hungry. Nearby is a playground, which is very convenient while waiting for the order. Book tables by the phone numbers listed on [site](https://dacha-kabardinka.ru/).

KvadroGid - экскурсии на квадроциклах

A sightseeing tour of the picturesque places on the ATV - a wonderful entertainment for families with children from 6 years. The easiest and most accessible route includes a visit to the mountain range Yazyk, Demerdzhi rocks, a small waterfall on the river Mezyb and other natural beauties. In winter excursions can be organized at any time convenient for the client, as well as to adjust the route and its duration. You can book the trip via the form on [website](https://kvadro-prokat123.ru/).

Gelendzhik Questrium

"The Questrium in Gelendzhik is a realistic game whose ultimate goal is to "escape" from a locked room. On the way "prisoners" get puzzles, hints, artifacts, keys and locks. At the moment two quests are available in Gelendzhik, the maximum number of players - 6 people (from 8-9 years), the cost of the game until 21:00 - from 500 rubles per visitor. Book the game in advance, by phone 8 (918) 474 62 09 or on the official [site](http://kvestrium.ru/).

Santa Fe

You can finish this beautiful day in one of the most pleasant restaurants in Gelendzhik, "Santa Fe". The menu includes dishes of Italian cuisine, including all kinds of pizza and desserts. Bonus - chic view of the promenade. Book a table by phone at [site](https://gel-santa-fe.ru/).

Day 3: Museum of Cosmonautics, Hot Key, outdoor pool.

On the third day of the trip you will visit the amazing Museum of Cosmonautics in Archipo-Osipovka, and then recover to conquer the beauty of the Hot Key. In the evening you can relax in the complex "Cold Stream" with a Japanese bath and heated outdoor pool.

музей космонавтики

The Cosmonautics Museum in Archipo-Osipovka will please both young visitors and their parents. Here you can climb into the space capsule, see the layout of the ISS, suits and much more. And the guests of the museum also have a unique opportunity to make a training docking of the spaceship and try real space food in tubes. The museum is open every day from 10:00 to 22:00, information by phone at [site](https://museum-cosmos.ru/).

Смотровая Площадка

Stop for a while at the observation deck near the village of Moldovka. From here you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Ridge Pass, gorges and serpentine. For sightseeing there is a special tower, to which an iron staircase leads. If you wish, you can tie a ribbon for happiness and make selfies with charming sculptures of bears.

Georgian cuisine restaurant "Chacha"

Restaurant "Chacha" on the territory of the complex "Old Castle" in Hot Klyucha will please you with home comfort and an excellent choice of Georgian cuisine - from khachapuri and khinkali to classic adjabsandali in tandyr and rolls with nut and garlic stuffing. By the way, birthday boys here get 20% discount. [Restaurant](https://st-zamok.ru/kafe/chacha.html) is often rented for weddings and anniversaries, so it is better to make a control call at +7 (918) 314-99-42 before visiting.

Дантово Ущелье

Leave the car by the cafe. Walk across the Happy Bridge over the Psekups River and here you are at the Healing Park. One of his main attractions is... Dante gorge, a break in the rock with cut down steps and paved paths. Mermaids, love declarations and poems are carved on the rocks. Be sure to take a look at Mineralnyaya Polyana with its chapel cut down in the rock and the healing spring. Visit the Pillar of memory of Adyghe princes of 1717, made of the wreckage of a marble Byzantine column. Take a walk in the park and have a hot tea with a bun, which you can buy at the kiosk on the territory.

Поместье Холодный ручей

You can warm up and rest after a walk in the mountains in the complex "Cold Stream". Here you can rent for a couple of hours a Russian sauna, built of hangar pine (1,500 rubles per hour for a company of up to 6 people) or an unusual Japanese bath ofuro (costs 500 rubles more). The sauna must be booked in advance by phones, which you will find [here](https://hr.oasis-west.ru/). And also on the territory of the complex has a heated outdoor pool, available for swimming at any time of year (500 rubles per person, from 10:00 to 22:00).

Restaurant "Bread and Sole"

After the sauna, it's time to have a tasty dinner in the 24-hour restaurant "Bread-Salt", which is located here in the complex. The menu includes traditional Russian dishes with Caucasian and Kuban notes. The average check will be 600-900 rubles. Dinner at this cozy establishment will be a great completion of a pleasant family trip!