"You all remember, of course, you all remember..." – Road.Travel

"You all remember, of course, you all remember..."

Road Trip Route. Visit the village of Konstantinovo, To see the Kazan temple, where little Sergey Esenin was baptized., Touch the birch that grows near his parents' house., To be photographed against the background of the Zemstvo school, where the young poet studied., Look into L. Kashina's estate, Visit the Monastery of St. John the Theologian in the village of Pashchupavo..

"I am a citizen of the village, which will only be famous for the fact that once a woman here gave birth to a Russian scandalous poet" - this is how the world-famous poet Sergei Esenin wrote about his small homeland. This time, I suggest you plunge into the atmosphere in which little Sergei grew up and be inspired by the picturesque views of the village, which managed to preserve the most important places in the life of the poet.

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Yana Levchuk. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: "I visited my birthplace, that village where I lived as a boy..."

Endless green forests and fields, the quiet surface of the river Oka, folk songs flying over the village ... This day we will devote to the small homeland of a very eccentric, but such a talented poet Sergei Yesenin, walk along the same trails on which the little bully ran, with his own eyes see the house of his parents and hear the same ringing of bells, which once made the poet raise his eyes to heaven...


The wicker has overgrown nettles. Dressed up in bright pearl. And swinging, whispering naughtyly: "Good morning!" S. Esenin

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Konstantinovo village

For 400 years the village Konstantinovo has been located on the high and steep bank of the Oka River, and for almost a hundred years it has been a state museum-reserve of S.A. Esenin, which cherishes the memory of the great Russian poet. Enjoy the endless natural expanses, breathe fresh air and get ready for an interesting excursion.

House of Esenins

The heart of Konstantinovo village is the house of Sergey Esenin's parents. It was reconstructed after the death of the poet. The museum staff tried to convey the life of that time with the help of household utensils, miraculously preserved in the village.

Land School

60 rubles - that's how much was allocated to build a school, where only a few children studied. The building has also been restored and consists of only two classes, one of which can see the reconstructed environment of the early XX century, at this time the school was attended by the future great poet.

Kazan Cathedral

The first mention of this temple dates back to 1619. Originally it was built on the money of A.M. Golitsyn, after his condition was monitored by the whole village.


In an entirely small hall, the atmosphere of tea houses from pre-revolutionary times was recreated. Here you will be offered "Peasant lunches" and "Grandma Tanya's treat". Bon appetit!

L.I. Kashina Estate

Another name of the estate is the museum of the poem "Anna Snegina". S. Esenin visited the landowner Lidia Ivanovna many times and dedicated to her one of his poems - "Green Hair": Green hairstyle, Girl's breasts, Oh, a thin birch, What are you looking at in the pond?

John the Theological Pashchupov Monastery

This monastery keeps ancient shrines - miracle-working icons and relics, to which all believers who come to this peaceful place want to attach themselves. Nearby is a holy spring, from which you can draw water.

В некотором царстве

Along unknown paths among fairy tale houses... Welcome to the fairy tale! You will find many activities on the territory of the complex! Take a walk on the shore of the pond with a fairy boat or go for a ride on wooden swings. You can even visit a mini-zoo. More information on [official website](http://www.v-nek-tsarstve.ru/). Here you can also eat in a restaurant when you get hungry. If you have a desire, you can book and visit the local bathhouses.


I hope you enjoyed the trip and the first thing you will do after your arrival is to open a collection of poems by S. Esenin.