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Wooden Architecture or the Spirit of the Russian North in the Moscow suburbs.

Road Trip Route. Visit an authentic "smoky" hut., See a whole wooden town and bathe in a holy spring., Enjoy a beautiful sunset in a sacred place and see one of the old wooden churches of the Moscow region..

Want to feel the spirit of the Russian North, but not ready for a long trip, I suggest you visit several places of Wooden Architecture in the Moscow region. On this trip, you will visit the Museum of the North Russian chimney house and see other monuments of wooden architecture brought from the Russian North. You will visit a large complex of the wooden town in the Russian-Temple style, and you can also drink spring water, bathe in a font, see a waterfall and have a meal in the refectory. And the cherry on the cake will be one of the old wooden churches near Moscow, with a beautiful view of the Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1:


Museum of Living Archaic New Old Town

Near the glorious city of Sergiev Posad is the village of Vozdvizhenskoe, there is a very interesting place that keeps the Spirit of the North. The museum of living archaics Novoye Staroye where not only historical constructions are recreated, but also carpentry, blacksmithing, pottery and joinery are taught. Opportunity to take part in trips to the North for restoration of wooden architecture monuments. The main site is a "Kurnaja izba", brought from the Arkhangelsk region. Smoking izba were huts, which were heated "black", that is, had no chimney. There was used a stove without a chimney, which was called "heated stove" or "black". Smoke was coming out through the doors and during firing hung in a thick layer under the ceiling, so the upper parts of logs in the hut were covered with soot. This year in the hut there was installed a real clay oven, it has been made during a day, because the clay quick freezes in the air, and now the hut is heated "black as in the olden days. There are also a few more buildings on the territory, a pottery, a small hut, a black sauna, a barn, and a few sheds. Here you can find festivals, celebrations, meetings and seminars. Entrance is free.

Gremyachian Key

A beautiful place called Gremyachy Klyuch. It is situated on the steep bank of the river Vondiga between the villages Vzglyadnevo and Lapino. The water temperature is 6 degrees all year round. For ten years the territory has changed greatly, there was built a huge complex where you can stay overnight, there is a refectory, several churches in which regular services are held, fonts with changing rooms. Earlier we had to walk along the path through the field, now there is a huge parking lot, but the road is still broken, it is possible to pass even with a low car. When you come here, you have a rest with soul, you can observe the beauty of local nature. The entrance is free. There is a souvenir shop as well as on the territory sell honey and herbal teas, in the refectory you can take tea and pastries, as well as a tasty meal.

Церковь Воздвижения Животворящего Креста Господня

In the village of Annunciation there is one of the oldest wooden churches near Moscow. Over the century, the church has been rebuilt several times, but according to the research, the oldest parts of the church from the middle of the second half of the 17th century were found. In 1978-1980, it was dismantled to replace the foundation and rotten logs of the log house. It was never rebuilt straight away, only in the 2000s it was restored and since 2007 it has been used for services again. The church itself stands on the shore of the pond, and what gorgeous sunsets there are. On the access road there is a wonderful view of Lavra. Entrance is free.

Manufacture 1858

One of the pleasant places in Sergiev Posad, tasty food with an extensive menu, there is a choice for vegetarians too. The price tag is above average. In our case we were always satisfied with the service and the food.