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 Wonders of Kuban: Sober-Bash and Lotus lake

Road Trip Route. Visit the Sober-Bash winery, To visit the Witch's Mount, See the symbol of purity - the lotus..

If you do not want to sit at home on your weekend - this scenario is a great solution for you! We will visit the Kuban winery, where we will walk through the vineyards and see the process of making wines, as well as enjoy the natural landscapes of Kuban - we will climb to the top of the mountain Sober-Bash, where on the way we will meet the purest mountain rivers and relax on Lotosov Lake.

Active Leisure. From: Krasnodar

Anna Akimenko. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Sober-Bash and Lotus Lake

Our day will begin with a tour of the winery "Sober-Bash", and then go to the foot of the "Mountain of Witches" and climb to its top, which offers a magnificent view of the surrounding area. In the afternoon we'll have a rest on the lake, where we'll see the sacred plant of many nations - the lotus.


METRO Cash&Carry

We will spend most of today outdoors, so we have a great opportunity to have a picnic in the mountains! I suggest stopping by the hypermarket "Metro", where you can buy everything you need with you.

Винодельческое хозяйство (винодельня) "Собер Баш"

Our first stop will be "Sober Bash" winery, founded in 2012 by Andrey Kulichkov. It received its name after the mountain of the same name, which overlooks the vineyards. Autochthonous and European grape varieties are grown on "Sober Bash" farm, and the annual wine output is 60.000 bottles! It is better to order the tour in advance by phone at [winery website](http://soberbashvino.ru/contacts/).


The next stop will be a natural monument - Sober-Bash mountain (735 meters). From the language of Adygs its name is translated as "witch mountain". I suggest you climb to the very top of the mountain, which offers beautiful views of the surrounding area! On the way you will meet two famous waterfalls: "Man's Tears" and "Hidden", as well as the cleanest mountain rivers and admire the untouched nature! Be sure to bring comfortable clothes and everything you need for a picnic!

Лотосовые озера

Lotus is a beautiful water flower, which is a symbol of purity in Buddhism. On Lotosov Lake you can see a flower that is listed in the Red Book of Russia with your own eyes! On the lake grow Indian and Caspian lotuses, which were planted by a local resident in 1993. Important: lotuses bloom from the end of June to the end of August, and admission is completely free!

Ресторан Тонакан

We will finish our journey in a cozy restaurant "Tonakan", which means "festive" in Armenian. The restaurant is located far from city noise, and the menu offers a wide choice of European and Caucasian dishes. In summertime you can have dinner in cozy arbours in the open air overlooking the fountain!