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Winter Sochi

Road Trip Route. Go to Rosa Khutor., Go skiing or snowboarding., Take a walk in the Olympic Park., Buy local souvenirs..

Winter Sochi - an ambiguous route through the famous resort of the Krasnodar Region! Why is it ambiguous? Because snow can only be seen in one place - at Krasnaya Polyana. And in the rest of the resort it may not be at all. But this does not prevent you from having a great time! There is everything here: a superb ski resort, gorgeous views, the best Caucasian cuisine, tropical and subtropical plants, unique monuments of nature, architecture, antiquity, as well as plenty of entertainment and a little piece of summer in the city center!

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Olga Ratia. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Krasnaya Polyana

On the first day of your trip you will find yourself high up in the snowy mountains! In a real winter fairy tale! You will go skiing or just enjoy the views. Krasnaya Polyana is a small Switzerland in Russia! It is the capital of the mountain cluster XXII Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games 2014. A picturesque village with rich history and unique natural conditions!

Sochi International Airport (AER) (Международный аэропорт Сочи)

Let's fly to our favorite Sochi! Let's take the car and go for a rest in the mountains!

Ущелье Ахцу

You can stop and take a few photos along the way, but make it quick as there is so much to do today!

Rosa Khutor

Here you are! Let's go get our ski passes and get up there! If you're not going to ski, rent equipment if you don't have your own. Be sure to get a ticket for the rodeban if you don't intend to ski or board. Rodelban is just behind the restaurant (near the lift Juventa). Cost - from 850 p. when buying online. You can buy at [website]( And you can buy all the ski-passes and all the tickets in advance, so you will have time for everything!


A little refreshment in a cozy place is the best thing! It's delicious, nourishing and picturesque!

Kavkazskiy Express (Кавказский экспресс)

Take the cable car up to the peak! You will see an amazing panorama of the mountains and the gorge! The views are breathtaking!

Rosa Peak (Роза Пик)

But it's better to go down from here on your own. Don't miss an opportunity to walk along Aibga ridge. And from there you can also take a slope, if you have desire and equipment. Also here you can try swinging on a swing right above clouds! That's another extreme! Cost of swing is 600 rubles. It works till 16:00. Get your ticket at [website](

Tricony Rosa Khutor

Day 2: Olympic Park

Today we are going to take a walk in the Olympic Park! You can stay here for quite a long time and see a lot of interesting things! And, of course, there will be a few more sights on the programme!

Культурно-этнографический центр "Моя Россия"

There are 11 themed buildings on the territory of the ethnopark, illustrating the history, everyday life and entertainment of different peoples of Russia. "Siberia" with wooden log cabins, bright "Buryatia" with a Buddhist temple, elegant architecture of St. Petersburg, the Moscow Kremlin, the Kazan Kremlin, authentic Caucasus Towers, Krasnodar farmsteads and Demidov plants of the Urals. Travellers will see different cultural layers of the country's history. Bright journey through Russia and immersion in cultural heritage occurs in interactive format - show excursions, game programs, creative master classes and staged performances. Restaurants and cafes of high national cuisine are open in the ethnopark. Entrance fee: adults (from 15 years old) - 500 ₽, children (from 7 to 14 years old) - 250 ₽. At the entrance, the ethnopark is open until 18:00. The pavilions are open until 19:00. But you can walk around the grounds until 21:00. Details [here](

Музей археологии Роза Хутор

Here, like in a time machine, you'll take a fascinating journey back in time, brought to life by modern technology. The exposition of the museum is based on the materials obtained during archaeological research in the area of construction of Olympic facilities on the territory of Rosa Khutor in 2010-2014. Prices online: adults (from 15 years old) - 351 ₽, children (from 7 to 14 years old) - 171 ₽. It is possible to choose a program. See [website](

Dolmens of Krasnaya Polyana

Do not pass by these ancient amazing megalithic structures! The Krasnodar Territory is simply studded with them! And here everything is right at your fingertips! Caucasian dolmens were created during the Early and Middle Bronze Age from the III-II millennium BC and were used up to the I millennium BC.

Sochi Olympic Park (Олимпийский парк)

[Olympic Park](http://олимпийский-парк.рф) is one of the main venues for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi and the 2018 FIFA Cup. Now it is also one of the best walking, and in general public, places in the city! It often hosts various events, sports and concerts, and many exhibitions. The park is also an attraction with a bright, striking fountain.

Museum Center

A "Museum Center" was opened on the territory of the park, which placed under its roof three museums: "Tesla" (1st floor), "Museum of the USSR" (2nd floor), "Leonardo" (3rd floor). Be sure to visit all three!

Парк развлечений «Сочи парк»

A great place for fun with kids and for those who feel like kids! Sochi Park's five themed zones will take you to five fairy-tale worlds: Alley of Fire, Land of Bogatyrs, Enchanted Forest, Land of Science and Fantasy and Ecovillage. But during winter the park is open only on mornings and mornings from 11:00 to 19:00. Check [website]( for details.

Day 3: Central Sochi

Winter Sochi is also good in its central part! There isn't much snow here, but there is still plenty to see in the historically significant places of the city.

Река Чвижепсе

This place is visited by all those who value their health. So you can also take some water from the mineral spring! Real clean mountain mineral water!

Sky Bridge

Skybridge is one of the world's longest suspension footbridges at 439m. In winter, you can walk across it too and admire the canyon! In the autumn and winter season entrance to the park is from 10:00 to 17:30, the ticket office is open until 17:00. Entrance ticket - 1350 roubles for adults, 720 roubles for children, 3420 roubles for families. - for children, family ticket - 3420 roubles. Basic information on [Skypark website](

Ахштырский каньон

You will see this beautiful canyon from the bridge, and your way will pass here. If you have time, be sure to visit the local cave.

Amshensky Yard

This is the first private museum complex in the region, which is called "Peoples' Friendship Museum". It is a very interesting complex that tells about the history and culture of the peoples inhabiting the region and in particular about one of the largest ethnographic groups - the Armenian. The museum has an archaeological hall with exhibits dating from the fourth century to the first century BC. In addition to the main collections of the museum "Hamshen Yard" boasts two tasting halls whose interiors are made in the style of Caucasian architecture of the fifteenth century. Special attention in the ethnographic complex is given to cuisine. Visitors can enjoy wonderful traditional national dishes of the Armenians of Hamshen, recipes of which are carefully preserved and handed down from generation to generation.

Санаторий им. Орджоникидзе

This is the best place in the city for the best photos! A beautiful architectural ensemble of the Stalinist Empire and you, fascinated, in it! And it does not matter what time of year it is. It is always beautiful here. Don't be lazy and visit this sanatorium just for the sake of beautiful pictures to remember.

Дендрарий / Dendrarium

The Winter Arboretum is a fabulous place. The Arboretum Park is rightly considered one of Sochi's iconic places, it is often referred to as the "green heart of the resort". An area of 46.4 hectares brings together trees and shrubs from all over the world, including a huge number of rare exotics.


A little bit of summer atmosphere in the midst of winter. The local palm trees may already have snow on them, but here, on the seashore, there is sand underfoot and Mediterranean cuisine pleases the taste buds!

Sochi International Airport (AER) (Международный аэропорт Сочи)

Time to get back or move on. There are many more adventures ahead! Have a wonderful experience and have a safe journey!