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Winter plans: active recreation in the Moscow region

Road Trip Route. Ride snowmobiles and horses, Solving the mystery of the ghost town, To fly a jet plane., Fishing and drinking in a Russian bath., Find the source of the Moscow River and the highest point of the Moscow region, See the biggest Cadillac meeting, Try a four-hand massage at a secret spa..

If you are tired of walking through Moscow parks and hanging out in cafes, it is time to explore the most interesting and unusual places in the region. Horse rides, jet planes, ghost towns, winter fishing - this itinerary includes a lot of things that can lift your spirits and make you feel a taste for life again. The route is developed with the support of [Volkswagen Amarok](

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Snowmobiles, ghost town, jet flight, fishing and bathing.

Start your day by snowmobiling in the picturesque surroundings of Istra. Then visit the mysterious ghost town of Adulyar and the monument to Panfilov heroes. After lunch, start at "Orlovka" airfield to make a dizzying flight on L-29 jet plane. You can finish the day at "Apache" base: fishing and Russian sauna on firewood is the best cure for moping.


ATV and snowmobile rental rkvadro

Start the day by walking on an ATV or snowmobile through the picturesque surroundings of Istra. All equipment in this center is not older than 1 year, for visitors there are several routes of varying difficulty, there are comfortable places for changing clothes and a cafe where you can drink hot tea after the walk. You can book a walk by calling +7 (985) 998-39-88. Look for detailed information [here](

Расформированный военный городок

25 kilometres from Volokolamsk, near the Fedorovka village, is the decommissioned military town of Adular. It once belonged to the S-25 surface-to-air missile complex. Many administrative and residential buildings, guardroom building, store, outbuildings - a ghost town will interest all lovers of industrial tourism. In addition, it is said that mystical events take place in Adular: crowds of ghost hunters regularly come here.

Мемориал Героям Панфиловцам

Visit one of the most important monuments in the Moscow region - the memorial "To the Heroes of Panfilov". The large-scale memorial complex includes a monumental sculptural group of 6 human figures about 10 meters high. Stone warriors can be seen from afar: for 45 years they have been looking after the surrounding area, reminding everyone of the heroic deed of 28 Panfilov Heroes.


For lunch, go to Volokolamsk, Cafe Lukovka. It's a great place to eat quickly and deliciously. The interior will delight with coziness and original solutions, and aromatic hot coffee will give strength and energy for the upcoming adventures. You can make a reservation by calling 8 (495) 280-00-03.

Orlovka Aerodrome

At the airfield "Orlovka" there are several flying clubs, and one of them is "Fly-Zone". On Saturday and Sunday during daylight hours you may try the highest aerobatics on L-29 jet plane here. Pleasure is not cheap: 20 minutes of flight costs 35-40 thousand roubles. If you have any other questions about the aero-excursions, please call at +7 (495) 532 74 06 or +7 (977) 257 49 60, or look for the answers on the official [website](

Supermarket "Magnet"

In Zubtsov, stop by the supermarket to buy food for your upcoming dinner at the resort.

Apache Fishing Club

Apache fishing base is a real paradise for avid anglers. On the territory of the Vazuza hydrosystem there are bream, pike, pikeperch, perch and other fish species. One can rent a winter tent for 300 rubles a day. You can also have your fish cleaned and smoked for a small fee. See the price at the official [website]( Unfortunately, the gazebo is not heated in winter, but you can rent a hot Russian bath on fire wood. You can have your dinner in the anteroom at a big table. You can cook food on the rented barbeque. The banya necessarily need to book in advance by phone +7 968 685 1221.

Day 2: Origin of the Moscow River, Horseback riding, Retro Car Museum, Thai SPA

In the first half of the day you will visit the ruins of the once luxurious manor of the 19th century Golitsyn-Murometsevs, the source of the Moscow River and the highest point of the Moscow region. After a horseback ride and lunch, head to the original Retro Car Museum, and the ideal end of the journey will be a rest in a secret spa.

Golitsyn-Muromtsev estate

Visit the ruins of the Golitsyn-Muromtsevs' estate early in the morning. Only the main house in the spirit of medieval European architecture and the Dormition Church standing nearby have been preserved from the once luxurious estate. White stone details, rich stucco decor, carved window frames have reached our days. The home theater is almost completely preserved. Wandering around the ruins of the estate, you can make an impression of how it looked at the best years.

Исток Москвы-реки

Stay near the place where the Moskva River starts. You won't miss the source: it is marked by a pointer and a small chapel, which was designed by Nikolai Vasnetsov (a relative of the famous artist). The main waterway of the capital city in this place is only a few centimeters wide. Inside the chapel there is a stove with fountains from where you can collect water.

Freeze Mountain

Zamri-Gora is the highest point in the Moscow region. It is believed that on the night of Ivan Kupal at the top of the mountain hits a healing spring, but to find a spring in snowdrifts is not easy. In fact, the mountain as such is not here: the highest point is indicated by a huge boulder with a sign near the road. But you have to get stuck here because it's unusual.

Horseback riding base "Bravrovo"

Look at the horse base ["Brave"]( for a ride in the picturesque forest or field. One hour of riding here costs 1000 rubles, you can make an appointment by phone +7 (926) 217-22-31.

Golden Fleece

For lunch you can stop at Mozhaisk, the Golden Fleece restaurant. It will delight you with a good choice of dishes, pleasant interior, unobtrusive music background - a great option for a hungry tourist. Book a table by calling 8 (999) 974-00-07.

Private museum of foreign retro cars

Not far from Mozhaisk there is a very curious place - the Museum of Foreign Retro Cars. Here you can admire more than 200 exhibits, produced in the period from the 20s to the 80s. The largest collection of Cadillacs, a real Junkyard, antique radio equipment - what not! The museum is open on Saturdays from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. On other days and hours you can enter the museum only by making an appointment for a tour. For more information call +7 (915) 030-7653 or visit [website](


For dinner, stop by the Golitsyn restaurant. Order here a pikeperch ear with undone, shish kebab of lamb pulp or fillet of dorado with tomato salsa - do not deny yourself anything. You can make a reservation by calling +7 (499) 283-18-23.

Thai spa "Tyrai"

The best end of the day will be rest in the Thai spa in Novo-Peredelkino. The list of procedures in this new salon pleasantly surprises. Traditional Thai four-hand massage, sports oil-massage, Philippine foot massage, as well as a special spa program for men and stone therapy - the salon will offer a lot of options to recharge energy for a couple more winter weeks and chase away the moping. You can make an appointment by calling +7 (800) 301-57-24 or using the form on [site](