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Winter Lagonak Uplands

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On this short one-night trip, you're well on your way to touching the majestic! Once at the bottom of the ancient Tethys Ocean and gazing out at it from a comfortable vantage point, and even beholding an ancient coral reef, you will experience the majesty of nature and realize the small role of man in it. At the same time you will make another little journey through time and plunge into, so to speak, the life and comfort of the early Paleolithic. And of course, besides all this you will have a great time, go dog-sledding, enjoy the purest, frosty mountain air and add a few years to your life and impressions!

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Olga Ratia. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: The caves of Lago-Naki.

Today, on your way to your main destination, you will see some of the most interesting, historically significant and beautiful caves, take a ride on the narrow gauge railway and enjoy the views of the mountains and gorge!


It is better to leave as early as possible, because there is so much to do and there is no rush! Most interesting is to take a trip to Guamka by narrow gauge railway. But for the time being you can go by car, because the most interesting views are waiting for you even further! Take with you food and drinks, there will be no time and nowhere to stop! Let's go on adventures!

Guam Gorge

Guamskoje Ravine is a very beautiful natural monument, but there is another attraction: the functioning section of the Apsheronskaya narrow-gauge railway - the biggest mountain narrow-gauge railway on the territory of Russia and former USSR. You should certainly take a drive on it and enjoy the scenery!

Eagle Shelf

This is the perfect vantage point! Impressive, breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountains are guaranteed! Just take a thermos of hot tea.

Mezmai Cave

An amazing and very meaningful place for history! Look into it! This cave became world famous because the remains of two Neanderthals were found there. Neanderthals lived here between 70,000 and 40,000 years ago. The second result of the cave's research is the discovery of well-preserved remains of late Paleolithic humans in the depths of the cave. Some of the earliest cultures of modern humans in the Caucasus were found here, dating from 33 to 36 thousand years ago.

Большая Азишская пещера

Winter is not an obstacle for true lovers of the unknown! And once again, it's off to the dungeons! Big Azish Cave is situated among beech-fir forest in the southern part of Azish-Tau Range, and its length is more than 640 m. It is about 220 m long, of which 220 m are open for sightseeing. The entrance to the cavity is a vertical well. The cave consists of three-dimensional galleries and large halls. The cave is equipped with paths, ladders and railings. Safe for exploring. The most interesting formation of the cave are calcite plates, apparently, formed in the ancient underground river or lake. After the retreat of the water, some of them remained lying horizontally, and some of them collapsed. Stalagmites up to 50 cm and more have grown on the sloping, collapsed slabs.

Day 2: Huskies and mountains!

Today one more small cave is waiting for you, and this is finally what you came here for - dog-sledging and stunning views of snow-covered mountains! And on your way back you will take a look at one local dolmen.

Lake Cave

Little-known, unequipped for tourists Ozernaya cave is no worse than other popular caves of Adygea. Besides there is a very beautiful path here along the ridge of the Stone Sea, right above the precipice - the views are stunning! The entrance to the cave in the form of an arch with columns. Inside it is quite spacious. The cave is small, 100 meters. There are 4 halls. Be careful, it can be slippery. And keep warm before you go in.

Lagonaki cordon

Be sure to book a tour by dogsleds! This excursion eco-tourist route is called "Huskies in Lagonaki". To make an appointment by phone given in the information. The passage through the checkpoint is also paid. The route is linear, it begins from the checkpoint at the Lagonaki cordon, runs to the 2nd observation deck, where you can enjoy the panoramic view of Abadzesh, then along the Lagonaksky plateau it goes to the riverheads Kurdzhips to the Abadzeshsky pass with the views of the Main Caucasus Ridge and in the opposite direction. You will not only enjoy the views of the mountains and the silence of primeval nature, but also you'll feel yourself as a team member of a harness. All the way you will be accompanied by instructors and a snowmobile.

Lago-Naki Plateau

Lagonaki is a beautiful ski resort with superb views! Climb as far as possible, see the mountains, go for a ride! On the way back, buy souvenirs for friends and relatives: local honey, cheese and wine.

Мезмайский дольмен

On the way back, see another local landmark: the Mezmai dolmen. The dolmen is a funerary structure from the Bronze Age and Early Iron Age. Their number is very large in this area. There is a mystery about them, which scientists are still trying to solve. Perhaps the answer is on the surface, or perhaps it is hidden in the depths of history.


The sooner you return, the sooner your future adventures will begin! Have a safe and exciting journey!