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Winter Lagonak Uplands

Winter Lagonak Uplands
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2 Days


By Car


177 km






Kids FriendlyActive Leisure🎅 Winter Trips
On this short one-night trip, you're well on your way to touching the majestic! Once at the bottom of the ancient Tethys Ocean and gazing out at it from a comfortable vantage point, and even beholding an ancient coral reef, you will experience the majesty of nature and realize the small role of man in it.
At the same time you will make another little journey through time and plunge into, so to speak, the life and comfort of the early Paleolithic.
And of course, besides all this you will have a great time, go dog-sledding, enjoy the purest, frosty mountain air and add a few years to your life and impressions!
Olga Ratia
Olga Ratia
Travel Expert
  • Caves of Lagonaki uplands.
  • Huskies in Lagonaki.
  • Breathtaking beauty of Caucasus range.
  • Local products.

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The caves of Lago-Naki.
Day 193 km

The caves of Lago-Naki.

Today, on your way to your main destination, you will see some of the most interesting, historically significant and beautiful caves, take a ride on the narrow gauge railway and enjoy the views of the mountains and gorge!
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Huskies and mountains!
Day 284 km5 km

Huskies and mountains!

Today one more small cave is waiting for you, and this is finally what you came here for - dog-sledging and stunning views of snow-covered mountains! And on your way back you will take a look at one local dolmen.
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