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Winter journey of dreams to Turkey!

Road Trip Route. Go down to the bottom of 3 caves., Coming out of five whole ancient cities., Visit 2 grandiose waterfalls., Explore 3 medieval castles, Walk along 2 deep canyons..

Turkey is huge and diverse, you can travel endlessly in Turkey, but it is this route runs in the warmest regions of this country, as for winter, in the beauty and grandeur of which I want to immerse you for 6 days. 6 days / 6 provinces / 5 ancient cities / 2 seas and 2 macro-regions / 3 unique caves / 3 medieval castles and 2 waterfalls / 1 UNESCO heritage site Weather in Turkey in winter on the coast of southern seas, unlike the central regions of the country, is very comfortable as for winter months. During the day, the average air temperature reaches +12 +17 ° C, and at night it rarely drops to zero. The route consists of 2 parts: the Mediterranean region and the Aegean Sea region and will pass through such ancient regions as Cilicia, Pamphylia, Lycia, Karia and Ionia.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route


Rent a car immediately after arrival at Adana Airport, then head straight to the unique ancient city of Kanlidivane, located on the edge of the karst cliff. During the rest of the day I recommend going down to the bottom of 3 caves, each of which is unique and unique. One of them comes to the surface in the form of a valley for walks, the other reminds you of the entrance to the abyss, and the third has a huge underground lake. In the evening there is a settlement in a hotel near the city of Anamur.

Kanlıdivane Antikkent

this ancient city is located on the edge of a karst cliff. You will see well-preserved temples and mausoleums of different periods of history, from antiquity to the Byzantine period.

Kızkalesi Sahili

Cennet Çöküğü & Cehennem Çukuru

Gilindire (Aynalıgöl) Mağarası


In the morning - moving to Alanya and visiting the famous fortress on the mountain overhanging the sea. Climb up to the fortress by cable car and enjoy unforgettable views over the Mediterranean Sea and its rugged shores. Do you want to be closer to the sea? Next, move to the Side Peninsula, where you'll be staying at a hotel. On the way, be sure to stop for coffee at the romantic waterfall. In Side itself, don't pass by the grandiose remains of its ancient city, the majestic ruins of the Temple of Apollo and the beautifully preserved amphitheatre.

Mamure Kalesi


Side Antik Tiyatrosu

Side Ancient City (Side Antik Kenti)

Temple of Apollo (Apollon Tapınağı)


On your way through Antalya, stop to see the magnificent waterfall that falls from the cliff directly into the sea, and after the photo shoot, make your way to Lycia. Would you like to go for a walk? When you enter ancient Lycia, visit the deep picturesque canyon, a landmark that starts the famous Lycian trail. Hiking in a canyon, surrounded by steep rocks and a stormy river, will not be difficult at all. End the day with a grandiose cable car ride up one of the highest mountains in Lycia (over 2 km). The funicular ride will take you through conifers, cedars and endemic plants at an inspiring altitude. You will enjoy a unique 360° panoramic view from the view terrace at the top of the mountain with clean mountain air. In the evening - settlement in the area of Cirali/Adrasan.

Düden Waterfall (Düden Şelalesi)

Göynük Kanyon

Olympos Zirve


We continue to follow the formula "not a day without an ancient city" and start the day by visiting the ruins of another ancient city and its tombs in the rocks. The city is famous not only for its ruins, but also for its native Nicholas the Wonderworker, patron of children and prototype of Santa Claus. Would you like more colorful photos? On your way west through Lycia, visit several viewing platforms with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and its beaches. In the second half, visit the entrance to the canyon, which is 300 m deep and 18 km long, being one of the deepest in the world. It has been formed by rubbing the rocks with running water for millennia. In the evening, a settlement in the area of Oludeniz/Fethiye.

Myra Antik Kenti


Pinara Antik Kenti

Belcekız Plajı

Ölüdeniz Tabiat Parkı


A little time on the road - and you in Dalyan, explore the ancient tombs carved in the rocks, the ancient Kaunos and the famous Iztuzu beach, where turtles lay their eggs. There is also a nursery for turtles affected by human activity. Move to luxurious Bodrum, a favorite holiday destination of the Turks themselves, where you'll visit the Hospitaller Castle, built with the remains of the famous Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. Spend a night in Bodrum.

Kaunos Kral Bahçesi

Mausoleion Anıt Müzesi



Did you miss antiquity? Today visit the ancient Ephesus, the highlight of our tour and one of the most famous ancient cities. Celsius Library and carefully recreated ancient streets will not leave you indifferent. At the end of your route, visit the cosmopolitan port city of Izmir, Turkey's 3rd largest city. You will enjoy magnificent views of the bay of the city both from its promenade and from the observation tower equipped on one of the hills. It's time to return the car at Izmir airport and say goodbye to winter Turkey!

Ephesus (Efes)