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Winter fishing, hiking and abandoned locks in the Kaliningrad region

Winter fishing, hiking and abandoned locks in the Kaliningrad region
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If you have long dreamed of relieving boredom and greyness of everyday life, then you should definitely go on a trip to unusual places of the Kaliningrad region, during which you will find many different adventures, including exploring ancient architecture, horseback riding, walks on the coast and much more. In three days you will have the opportunity to see almost all the sights for which this region is famous. So dress up warmer and go!
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Mastercard Routes
Mastercard Routes
  • Hunting in Mushkino.
  • Masuria Gateways.
  • Lake fishing.
  • Horseback riding at Castle Georgenburg.
  • Baltic coast.
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Travel Itinerary

Hunting and ancient castles
Day 1135 km53 m

Hunting and ancient castles

Your day will pass in acquaintance with the Teutonic castles which are constructed in territory of all Kaliningrad region, you can feel like a knight. One of the region's amusements - hunting - is also waiting for you.
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Fishing and locks of the Masuria Canal
Day 2174 km

Fishing and locks of the Masuria Canal

Today is a fishing day, and after that we will go to explore the abandoned architecture of these regions. We will also visit some incredible ancient Crusader structures.
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Horses and hiking at sea
Day 3255 km

Horses and hiking at sea

Today's day will be spent in the fresh air - horseback riding is waiting for you near the medieval castle, and after hiking in the area of the Curonian Spit. You will get to know the highest dune in Europe. Dress up warmer, maybe a northern cold wind blows.
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