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Winter beauties of Dmitrov and Sergiev Posad

Road Trip Route. Stroll at the Trinity-Sergius Lavra on Christmas Eve, Visit excursion in Dmitrovsky Kremlin, Try yourself at shooting at a shooting gallery, Go ice-skating.

Many of us have probably faced the traditional dilemma during the last days of the year - how to spend the New Year holidays in a cheerful and useful way? To have a good rest, learn a lot of interesting things, have fun, and keep warm memories. All this is successfully combined in a small trip to Moscow region, during which it is necessary to visit some excursions in the most interesting historical places, to try your hand at shooting range, to relax in a SPA, to go skating and, of course, to have a delicious meal!

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Alexandr Kosar. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Celebrating Christmas in the Moscow Region

There are quite a few places in the Moscow region where you can spend New Year holidays in a fun and interesting way. Pay attention to Sergiev Posad and Dmitrov with their museums and architectural monuments. During this day fascinating excursions and outdoor activities await you, so take only a drop of enthusiasm with you and hit the road!


The Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra (Троице-Сергиева лавра)

The first stop on this little journey will be the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. At any time of the year you can take a fascinating excursion here, and during the Christmas holidays you will find yourself in the festive atmosphere of a real holiday. Take a walk, buy yourself some souvenirs, and enjoy the impressive architecture of the cathedrals. Book in advance by contacting [official website](

Дмитровский кремль

One more historical place, which is worth to be seen by everyone, is undoubtedly Dmitrovsky Kremlin. It is part of the museum complex of the same name, where guided tours, informative master classes and interactive exhibitions have recently been resumed as well, but you have to book your visit in advance, as the number of seats and sessions is limited to avoid large crowds. You can sign up [on the official website](

Сосновый Дворик

It's a good time to catch your breath and get a good meal, so check out the Sosnovy Dvorik Café. The menu is rich in choice of dishes, but you should still pay attention to the veal baked under a cheese and nut crust, pork tenderloin fried in sesame seeds, as well as homemade roast. To reserve a table, please call +7 (496) 227-47-40.

Лисья нора

The second half of the day will also be very energetic. Stay at the Lisya Nora country complex. Here, holidaymakers are offered many different services and leisure activities, including a shooting range, a spa, a ski slope and an outdoor skating rink. Any services must be booked in advance [on the official website](

Дом хинкали

Have dinner in a cozy Georgian restaurant "Dom khinkali". It serves very tasty khachapuri.

Лианозовский ПКиО

If you still have strength and feel like skating, you can spend the evening at the skating rink in Lianozovsky Park. Here you can rent skates or sharpen your own. You also need to book a visit in advance through [official website]( at the most convenient session.