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Winter beauties: active weekend from Yekaterinburg

Road Trip Route. Walk along the paths of Deer Creek Park., Study the starry sky at an astronomical observatory, To admire the beauty of the village Sloboda and the neighboring "cinema village" Kamenka., Jump in the trampoline center from the heart., Receive key water from Kabalin springs, Find the luxurious Yelchevsk waterfalls.

Winter cold is no reason to be sad and stay home. It's time to go on a trip to the Urals and explore the most colourful and rare places near Ekaterinburg. Grab a thermos and get dressed for a warmer ride, with plenty of outdoor activities to do. ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%.

Active Leisure, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Yekaterinburg

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: The Didin tunnel, Deer Creek Park and stargazing.

On the first day of your trip you will visit the amazing Deer Streams Nature Park. In the afternoon the way lies to the local history museum of the town of Lower Sergi. Before dinner you can have a couple of hours of rest at Chusovaya base, and when night falls, go to admire the starry sky at the legendary Kourov Astronomical Observatory.


Deer Creek Nature Park.

The reserve "Deer Streams" is 12 thousand hectares of untouched nature of the Middle Urals. Karst formations, forest-steppe and taiga, rocky banks of the Sergi River - it is impossible to see everything in one day, but you will have time to see something. In winter, the park's hiking trails are rolled up by snowmobiles, and the system of signs will not let you get lost. Entrance to the park costs 250 rubles (children under 18 years - free of charge). If you wish, you can specify the information you need by phone: 8 (904) 172-55-65. Bring a thermos with hot tea and biscuits to eat on the way.

Café "Forest Cuisine"

After the walk you can have lunch in the cafe "Forest Cuisine": it serves more organized groups of tourists, but the administrators will not refuse individual travelers. You can call +7(950)207-44-41 or +7(908)911-88-36 for all questions.

Nizhneserginsky Local History Museum

On the way, take a look at the Nizhneserginsky Local History Museum. Here you'll learn curious facts about the history of the city and the Nizhne-Serginsky ironworks. [Museum]( is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9:00 to 17:00. Phone for communication - 8 (343-98) 28-5-94.

Turbaza "Chusovaya", Turisticheskaya Baza

Turbaza ["Chusovaya"]( - one of the oldest in the Urals: it was founded in 1934 in an amazingly beautiful place on the high bank of the river with the same name. At the base you can swim in the open heated year-round pool, visit the contact zoo, skate, play table tennis or chess. You can find out more about your visit on the above website.

Chusovaya" tourist base cafe

You can have dinner here, too. The menu is based on a solid base: fried daily cabbage soup, Russian pike-perch, skoblyanka with mushrooms and other fragrant dishes. There is a separate menu with dishes to order and a complex menu. You can book a meal by phone 8 922-037-87-66.

Kourovka observatory

As night falls, hurry to the Kourov Astronomical Observatory. Established in 1965, it is the easternmost observatory in Europe and the most important scientific centre. Excursions are not entertaining and not romantic, but extremely informative. Tours are daytime (150 rubles) and evening (300 rubles), duration 1.5-2 hours. The program includes a story about the observatory, a lecture on astronomy with slides, visiting telescopes and admiring the stars (if the weather is clear). Day excursions are held all year round, but in the evening - only from August 1 to May 15. The course of the excursion and the time of its beginning in many respects depends on weather. You can sign up for the tour only by prior arrangement by phone +7 953 820 5163.

Day 2: Sloboda village, trampoline centre, springs and waterfalls

Early in the morning, go to explore the beauties of Sloboda village and neighboring Kamenka, where many films have been shot. Before lunch in Pervouralsk art cafe, check out the trampoline centre. Next, you can draw water from Kabalinsky springs in Revda and admire magnificent Yelchevsky waterfalls.


Take a walk in the village Sloboda, one of the most beautiful places in this part of the Urals. The village has been tracing its history since 1651, when people from Verkhoturye came to this region. Make sure you reach St. George's Church, which stands right on the rock above the river. Next to the river is a pedestrian bridge built in 1961, which connects the two parts of the village. And Slobodskaya Stone on the river bank is the best place for the village.

Kamensky stone with decorations

In the neighboring village of Kamenka several well-known films were shot: "Semyon Dezhnev" (1983), "Demidov" (1983), "Golden Baba" (1986), and others. Most of the wooden scenery has already been destroyed, but the rest of it makes an indelible impression!

Spring Sports Trampoline Club

In Pervouralsk you can visit the trampoline centre "Spring". The complex has more than 30 trampolines, including - trampolines for amateurs, professional and inclined trampolines and so on. There is also a mini-callodrome, basketball rings and a relaxation net. [Center]( is open every day from 10:00 to 23:00.

Art Cafe "Stendhal"

Hurry up to lunch at a cafe in "Stendhal", the first art cafe in Pervouralsk: it will delight you with coziness, reasonable prices and quick service. The café is open from 12:00 to midnight on weekdays and from 17:00 on weekends.

Kabalinskoe springs

After lunch, go to Revda. In the southwestern part of the city there are the so-called Kabalin springs - four springs with drinking water. It's a wonderful place to walk, breathe fresh air, feed squirrels.

Career at Yelchevsky waterfalls

The only waterfall in the Middle Urals is located on the Elchevka river. The source of the river from the pond and the next short section is a real mountain canyon, which ends with a waterfall. Leave your car in the parking lot near the quarry and go for a walk. From the quarry, a forest path leads along the lake, which will lead you directly to the waterfalls.

Jelcevskie vodopads

Elchevskiy waterfalls do not freeze in winter and you can hear the noise of gurgling streams and take unforgettable photos next to the waterfall. If you want to make your photos more effective, use slow shutter speeds.

Career at Yelchevsky waterfalls

Time to get back to the car and head towards Yekaterinburg.

Park Inn by Radisson

You can finish your journey in the Park Inn by Radisson's beautiful restaurant. It is the place where it is delicious, beautiful and hearty. By the way, this hotel has a discount on accommodation for Mastercard cardholders. Take a note! **If you are a guest of the city, book a room on a special page on the Radisson Hotels website and pay for it with a Mastercard premium card and get a 15% discount, as well as the possibility of early arrival and late departure. [Full promotion rules.](**