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Winter adventures in Tula and Yasnaya Polyana

Road Trip Route. Find bison in Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve, Visit Polenovo estate, Ride a tuba in the historical centre of Tula, Visit Yasnaya Polyana and take a sledge ride, See the famous Blue Lakes in winter.

Tula and Yasnaya Polyana are perfect for winter travel. In winter, when everything around is covered with snow, it is much easier to imagine how things used to be here in the past. For New Year's celebrations, Tula is decorated with lots of lights. The small houses and cozy streets are especially atmospheric. And after a walk through the manor houses and the city, it is so nice to go to a cafe. **Recommendations:** - It is important to keep a social distance when visiting public places and to use personal protective equipment. - It is also worth remembering that when checking into hotels and visiting museums you may need a valid QR code or a negative PCR test for a maximum of 72 hours.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Prioksko-Terrasny reserve, Polenovo and sights of Tula

Today you are going to take a walk in the only biosphere reserve in the Moscow region. You will be able to walk along the "Tripe Bison" and enjoy the untouched nature. Then you will visit the Museum-Reserve of V. Polenov, unique not only by unusual buildings, but also by nature. In the evening - a walk on Tula with visits to the most iconic and interesting places. Автор фото: [Svetlana Yarova@Wikipedia Commons](,_%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4_%D1%81%D0%B1%D0%BE%D0%BA%D1%83.jpg)


Prioksko-Terrasnyy Zapovednik

The only reserve located in the Moscow region is Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve. It was opened in June 1945. Since 2015 the reserve has been named after M.A. Zabolotskyi, who founded a bison nursery here. The reserve is known for its "Road to the bison" route. You can also walk the ecological trail "Through the foliage", it runs at the level of the tree tops and is open on weekends. You can visit the reserve only as part of a tour. Excursion on the route "Road to the bison" is conducted only as a group. On weekdays the group gathers at 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00. On weekends - from 9 am every hour. You can sign up for an individual excursion [on site](

Muzey-Zapovednik V.d. Polenova

V. Polenov Museum Reserve is located in a picturesque place on the bank of the Oka. Almost all buildings were designed by the artist himself. Each room in the Big House has its own name. The Big House can be accessed on a tour. You can also visit the Abbey, Admiralty, Fakhverk, Memorial Park, V. Polenov School and the Church of the Holy Trinity. Tickets for some of the buildings can be purchased in advance [online]( The museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday.

Mark and Lev restaurant

The first restaurant in Russia that uses products only from local farms. The menu offers both traditional and modern dishes of Russian cuisine. For dessert you can order Ankovsky cake - Leo Tolstoy's favorite dainty.

Tul'skiy Kreml'

In 1507, by order of Vasily III, a wooden fortress appeared where the Tula Kremlin is now towering. In 1520 a stone fortress with 9 towers was erected in its place to guard the approaches to Moscow. The Tula Kremlin is beautifully preserved. On its territory are located Epiphany Cathedral, built in 1862, the Holy Assumption Cathedral, built in 1764 in the style of Russian Baroque, Cathedral Bell Tower in 1766, trading rows of the early XIX century, the building of the city power plant in 1900. The Tula Kremlin Museum presents archeological finds and a model of the Kremlin of the XVII century. Master classes and excursions are held. The last Wednesday of the month is a health day. Tuesday's the day off.


A cozy branch of the Museum of International Gingerbread is located right in the Tula Kremlin. It is both a museum, a souvenir shop and a gingerbread shop. The museum holds excursions and master classes on making a printed gingerbread with your own hands. If you wish, you can stay for tea drinking. You should make an appointment for an excursion or master class in advance [on site]( or by phone: +7 (4872) 79-44-42.

Kazanskaya Naberezhnaya

Cozy pedestrian promenade in the city center, between the Kremlin and the Museum of Arms. The quay has become a modern and popular space quite recently, in 2018. It was then that sports and children's playgrounds, bicycle rental, cafes and walking areas appeared here. In summer you can visit the open-air cinema. In winter, an ice rink is poured and slides are built.


Fashionable space in the historical center of Tula with many cafes, restaurants and showrooms. In the evenings, many lights are lit on the Spark. Fairs, festive events, lectures, master classes and concerts are held here.

Well Well Well

The restaurant is located on a historic street, among ancient mansions. Stylish interior, warm atmosphere. The restaurant is deservedly proud of its wine list and seafood menu. After dinner, take a walk down Metalistov Street, where the restaurant is located. Most buildings belonged to merchants of XVII-XIX centuries.

Day 2: Yasnaya Polyana estate and incredible blue lakes

Today you will visit Yasnaya Polyana, the manor of Leo Tolstoy. The local restaurant offers dishes based on Sophia Andreyevna Tolstoy's recipe. And in the memorial stable you can take a ride in a sleigh or in a carriage. Then we will go to one of the most picturesque places in the Tula region, and closer to the evening we will relax in the ecopark "Yasno Pole".

Kassa Muzeya-Usad'by "Yasnaya Polyana"

Yasnaya Polyana is a unique natural and cultural monument. The forests planted by Leo Tolstoy have been preserved here, and the gardens and parks have retained their historical appearance. The oldest stone building is the Volkonsky House. The house of Leo Tolstoy, where he lived for more than half a century, is preserved as it was in 1910. The Kuzminski outbuilding housed Leo Tolstoy's school and then a guest house. There are about 30 horses in the memorial stable at Yasnaya Polyana.

The Memorial Stables at Yasnaya Polyana.

The age of the memorial stable is more than 200 years. Many of the Tolstoy family knew and loved horses well. You can take a horseback riding tour (on horseback or in a carriage) through the central part of the reserve, as well as places that usually escape the view of tourists. You should make an appointment for the excursion in advance by phone: +7 (910) 586-00-25. You can also just ride a horse, a pony, a carriage or a sleigh. The stables are open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Noble Estate" Restaurant

Nice restaurant with traditional Russian cuisine. The menu includes dishes cooked according to Sofia Andreyevna Tolstoy's recipes: Yasensky language with horseradish, sauerkraut cabbage and sabayon.

Romance Mountains

The Romantsev Mountains and the Golubye Lakes, also located there, are some of the most picturesque places in the Tula Region. Many people think that it is possible to visit them only in summer, however, in winter you can see a stunning view of the occasionally frozen lakes. So, if you have a car with high ground clearance, you should not deny yourself the pleasure of seeing these stunning places at this time of year.

Yasno Pole

A unique eco-park, where you can spend a pleasant time alone with nature. Bicycle rentals are available in summer. You can ride horses and visit an eco farm. In winter, a skating slide appears, and an ice rink is poured into the pond. Ski hire opens. It is possible to ride a sleigh. In the territory of eco-park there is a bath on birch wood.

Retro Moto Art Café

Art café with unusual interior: the cafe has a collection of more than 30 motorcycles. There is a very good grill-menu. On weekends there are concerts of cover bands.