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Wine, honey and mountain brewery - tour of the most delicious places on the Russian Riviera.

Road Trip Route. Visit the Matsesta Tea Factory and taste several varieties of black and green tea., Take a tour of the Kraft Brewery and learn the intricacies of mountain beer production., Walk around the cozy farm and taste the delicious farm cheese., Check out this unusual family winery., Visit the apiary, where you will be told about all the features of mountain honey and will be taught how to choose it correctly..

Not a trip, a gastronomic explosion! Everybody knows that the Russian Riviera is rich in amazingly beautiful natural attractions, but there are also a lot of delicious places where you can not only have fun, but also have a good time. These two days will be as appetizing and rich as possible. A trip to the farm is waiting for you, where you will taste delicate cheese and bread, which is made by hand, after baking in the oven on a bread stone. Visit a stylized family winery and taste natural wine and chacha. And the highlight of this adventure is "Endemik" brewery, located in the mountains at 700 meters above sea level, where you will learn all the details of mountain beer production. ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%. At the end of the route you will find a special offer for Mastercard holders!

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Tea factory, farm, winery and brewery

On the first day of this little journey, a gastronomic explosion awaits you. Today you will taste the world's best varieties of green and black tea, farm cheeses, natural homemade wine and mountain beer. Anyway, the day will certainly be interesting.


мацестинская чайная фабрика

A fascinating journey into the world of gastronomic pleasure begins with a visit to the Matsesta Tea Factory. Here you will be offered a tour of tea plantations, the total area of which is over 170 hectares. You will see the process of growing, collecting and processing of tea leaf, you can take part in fascinating master classes, and at the end you will have a pleasant tasting of the best varieties of black and green tea in the world. Don't hurry to leave here: visit a brand-name store where you can buy delicious souvenirs for friends and relatives. And, of course, to buy a delicious and useful gift for yourself. Matsesta Tea Factory offers tours in two formats: "Standard" and "Premium". Contacts for individual excursions can be found at [site]( It is also possible to join a group tour, but they start at 11:00.

Exarcho Farm

Next, go to the farm "Exarcho", where you will meet with cute animals and another delicious tasting. Located in the village of Progress, the farm is surrounded by fantastic scenery. Here you can take an excursion with contact communication and photography, during which you will visit the equestrian complex and goat breeding complex, pet and feed the cute goats, calves and rabbits. Learn more about [the excursion](экскурсии-с-контактным-общением-и-фот/). If you want to explore the surrounding area, we suggest taking a horseback ride, during which you will visit the most interesting places and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area. Read more [here](верховые-прогулки-по-окрестностям-фе/). After the tour you can visit a cozy restaurant, where you can appreciate the dishes prepared with the products of own production. Here you will taste the freshest dairy products - we offer to take farm cheese assortments, which are served with natural peach jam. For dessert, taste the delicious ice cream of the author. Don't forget to estimate bread which is made manually and baked in the oven on a bread stone. Before you leave, check out the farm shop.

Grandma's Cottage

After a stroll around the farm, head to the family winery. Here you can take a tour of "Grandma's Hut", during which you will visit the house-museum built in 1947 with fully recreated authentic interior, apiary and wine cellar, where you will taste natural wine. You can sign up for an excursion and learn more about the winery at [site](

Endemic Mountain Brewery

Move towards Krasnaya Polyana, but on the way you'll see the mountain village of Medoveevka. Here you will find a small craft brewery located in the mountains at 700 meters above sea level. Here you will have a unique opportunity to visit the Kraft Brewery and see how and from what mountain beer is brewed. The most pleasant part of the tour is tasting three permanent and several seasonal beers, which are constantly changing. Learn more about the brewery and sign up for a tour at [site](

Набережная Времена Года

After such a busy day it will be pleasant just to walk along the embankment of the resort Krasnaya Polyana and enjoy the beautiful views of the ridges of the Caucasus Mountains.

Чё? Харчо!

After the walk, did you have an appetite? Go to a Caucasian restaurant "Che?Harcho" for dinner. In the menu you will find a large selection of dishes cooked from the best southern products.

Day 2: Natural attractions, honey and Trout farm

In the morning you will go to the main mystery of Krasnaya Polyana - dolmens, which are located in a very picturesque area in the Sochi National Park. After you will go to the apiary, where you will learn all the details of the production of mountain honey and be able to taste it. In the village of Kazachy Brod you will have an exciting excursion with the opportunity to fish in the trout farm.

Кафе-булочная "Булки в горах"

In the morning, go for breakfast to a cozy coffee shop overlooking the mountain peaks. Here you can taste delicious fresh croissants and have a cup of hot chocolate. Here's the pledge of good morning!


After breakfast we offer to go to an unusual attraction - Krasnopolyansk dolmens. They are located in the Sochi National Park and are an object of cultural heritage. The dolmens were discovered by archaeologists in 1968, but have not been fully studied yet. Krasnopolyansk dolmens is a complex of 6 stone structures hidden in the mountains. You'll have to walk to get to them.

Paseka Medovyy Ray

Next stop, private apiary. The owners will meet you hospitably and tell you about all the details of mountain honey production. At the end you will be treated with the most delicious honey and will be helped to choose a delicious souvenir. Contacts where you can clarify all your questions can be found on [site](

Форелевое хозяйство

After tasting the honey, we suggest going towards Adler. In the village of Kazachy Brod there is one of the largest enterprises in Russia - "Tribal trout plant "Adler", where you can get on a tour. During your visit, you will have the opportunity not only to see how the trout is grown, but also to catch one specimen yourself and then taste the freshly prepared fish. You can make an appointment for the excursion at [site](

Таверна "Каньон"

If you chose a non-tasting trout farm tour, then head to the nearby Greek restaurant "Tavern Canyon" for lunch. On the menu you will find national Greek dishes as well as meat and fresh fish.

Ахштырский каньон

In the afternoon go to another natural attraction of Sochi - Akhshatyrsky canyon. Here you can stroll and admire the delightful scenery. If you go a little bit deep into the canyon, you can get to Akhshtyrska cave, the parking lot of ancient people. The cave is open for visitors.

Skypark AJ Hackett Sochi

From the observation deck, you've seen extremists bungee jumping into the abyss. They do it in the famous Skypark, which is nearby. This is where you have to go. On the territory of Skypark you can not only jump from a bungee into the abyss, but also take a ride on the highest swing in the world, walk on the longest suspension bridge in Russia or fly on the attraction Megatroll over the gorge at an altitude of 200 meters.

5642 Height

We offer dinner in Adler in a chic restaurant Novikov Group "Vysota". In the menu you will find Caucasian and Adygean dishes. **Pay your bill at restaurants of Novikov Group with exclusive discount of 10%. Warn the waiter that you are the holder of the World Elite Mastercard® before receiving the invoice and pay with the World Elite Mastercard® bank card. [Full promotion terms](**