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Wine and mountains

Road Trip Route. Dantove Gorge, Waterfalls on the River Jean, Rock Sail, Dry cargo ship Rio, Semigorie Manor, .

We have a three-day trip ahead of us, during which we will undoubtedly have a lot of photos to take, because we will drive past the most beautiful mountains of the Krasnodar region. We plan to walk along waterfalls, see incredible gorges and rocks, breathe in the purest air of the mountains, as well as taste local wines and ride horses. Route developed with the support of [Volkswagen Caddy](

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Walking in an ancient gorge

Today we go to the sea, passing by the most beautiful mountains and extraordinary sights. We will walk along the gorge named after the hero of God's comedy, visit the remains of an ancient fortress, and try ourselves as astronauts.


Дантово Ущелье

The morning will begin with a walk along the Dante Gorge, which is one of the main monuments of the village. It was cut to provide ventilation, and its original name was given to the hero, who in his adventures wandered through the afterlife world, consisting of three levels: hell, purgatory and paradise. The locals decided that some of the gorge landscapes symbolically fit each of the levels.

Psyfabe Fortress

Another interesting place near the town of Hot Key are the remains of the once mighty fortress Psyfabe, located near the Dantova Gorge.

Trattoria Buona Gente

We will have lunch today at the Italian restaurant Trattoria Buona Gente. It is located in a quiet place among trees, two-storey room with a cozy interior. The restaurant is popular, so perhaps you should make a reservation in advance by contacting [official website](

Городской Исторический Музей

In the afternoon we will go on a short excursion to the local Historical Museum. As many visitors note, the only disadvantage of the museum is its relatively small size - it has only four halls with exhibitions. As for the content side, the history of the region and some of its interesting features are told here in bright colors.

Alexander Nevsky Church

Let's make a little stop to get some rest off the road. Before us is the temple of Alexander Nevsky. This is a very nice red brick church, which stands out from the rest of the temples with its original, even a little bit Gothic architectural style. It is also very good at photos in the sunset.

Zeus Restaurant

The Greek restaurant "Zeus" is the perfect place to spend an evening. It serves only the freshest ingredients of local production, has a wide range of soft and alcoholic drinks, as well as a variety of original desserts.

Museum of Cosmonautics

If you have the strength to dream a little bit about space, you can go on a tour to the Museum of Cosmonautics, which operates until late at night. Here we will be able to get acquainted with the subtleties of space flights, see the Soviet devices of the legendary mission "Moon", as well as try themselves as an astronaut and make a training connection. More details can be found [on the official website]( of the museum.

Day 2: We fill installations with incredible photos.

Start your day with one of the pearls of the Krasnodar region - waterfalls on the river Zhana, which are available both in winter and summer. Then you can take beautiful pictures of incredible rocks. And of course there will be an opportunity to enjoy the refreshing and healing air of pine forest right on the sea shore.

Waterfalls on the River Jean

We're going to visit the waterfalls on the Jean River this morning. The walk begins in Renaissance Village. The first cascade in a row can already be seen just off the track. Moving along the river, you can reach the Emerald Falls, which is truly one of the most beautiful in the region.

Wuthering Gate

Stop at the Grozny Gate viewing platform to capture the incredible view of the valley. To get here you need to turn off the highway to the dirt road and drive about a hundred meters.

Скала Парус

Another incredible place, a picture of which will undoubtedly complement your installations - the Rock Sail. It is so named because of its original and rare shape and is located right next to the sea, so the view will be simply fascinating.

Кафе «Прибой»

Not far from the sea coast there is a cafe "Surf". The institution is simple, but cozy with a fairly standard set of dishes. Have a rest and gain strength for further walks.

Janghot Bor

The Janghot Bor is also one of the main natural monuments of these places. And this is not only because of the incredible scenery, but also because there is a very rare tree - Pizza Pine, which is one of the oldest plant species and is listed in the Red Book. You can reach the boron on foot from the street Black Sea inland forest towards the sea. There are a lot of hiking trails, which are convenient to move along. It's worth taking a stock of water with you and be sure to put on comfortable shoes.

Сухогруз Rio

It's not often that you get a chance to see a huge ship close up, so it makes sense for the sake of a couple of beautiful shots to turn towards the beach where a dry cargo ship was once thrown.

памятник "Неизвестному матросу"

We'll start our acquaintance with Novorossiysk with a walk along the embankment, which also houses the monument to the "Unknown Sailor".

Морской вокзал

There are also good views of the sea and the bay, as well as the opposite shore from Forum Square, near which the Marine Station is located.

Крейсер «Михаил Кутузов»

And finally, stop at the cruiser Mikhail Kutuzov, the embankment is illuminated, so the photos will turn out quite colorful.

Lucky Bar

Dinner is waiting for you at the youth Lucky bar. The menu offers European and Mexican dishes. Restaurant's interior is very bright, and the atmosphere here disposes to a fun pastime.

Day 3: Wine estates, eco-tourism and sauna.

Today will be quite a quiet day - you will visit Semigorie manor, where we will be able to taste local wines, we will also find the place where the Caucasian mountain range starts. In the afternoon we are planning a visit to an eco-farm, where you can ride horses if you wish and in the evening you will have a quiet rest in a Russian bath.

Усадьба Семигорье

Start your morning at Semigorje Estate, the local breadbasket that produces many fine wines and cheeses. You can order the tour by contacting [on the official website]( There are also a lot of other entertainments offered here, including, in particular, SPA and bathhouse, fishing and picnics. More details can be found [link](

Начало Кавказских гор

The next stop is the monument from which the Caucasian mountain range begins. From here you can also enjoy a magnificent panorama of the surrounding lands.

Artsakh" cafe

A small café along the way, where you can taste real Lulla Kebab and other Caucasian dishes, is a great place to stop for lunch.

Farm ECO-tourist complex

Visit an organic farm for a taste of real Kuban honey, horseback riding or a taste of rural life. You should be warned about your visit in advance through the contacts indicated on [website](

Mud Volcano Shugo

After the farm, stop at mud volcano Shugo, which is a unique natural monument and the largest volcano on the Taman Peninsula. The mud masses here contain many trace elements and compounds, whose therapeutic effect has been tested for years. You may not need to take a mud bath in the cold season, but it is certainly worth seeing this natural wonder.

Boyarsky Dvor Bath Complex

After an intense journey, it's time to go to the bathhouse with your company and relax a little. The bathhouse should be ordered in advance by the company to be flooded by the phones: 8 (918) 964-44-48 or 8 (918) 494-03-03.


After the bathhouse, we'll go to dinner at Sicily's pizzeria. The menu at the place is quite standard, but the atmosphere is still very cozy. It's what it takes in the evening to relax.


Happy and rested, you'll be home by 11pm.