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 Wine and food trip to the Black Sea

Road Trip Route. Abrau-Durso Wine Tourism Centre, Gastronomic map of Russia, Picturesque nature, Suzuki plait, Blue Bay, Architectural Exhibition of the Old Park, Cableway.

This route will please fans of gastronomic travel and recreation at sea. Fresh seafood: from the sea and right on the table! Caucasian cuisine: grilled dishes. A visit to the incredibly picturesque Abrau Durso wine tourism center is a must.

. From: Krasnodar

Alisa Ivanchenko. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Abrau Durso

Today we will get acquainted with the production of popular champagne and wine: Abrau Durso. A boat trip, beautiful places for photo shoots and of course a tasting with a guided tour.

музей Вина Лефкадия

Lefkadia Valley is a winery producing sparkling and dry wines. It also produces organic products such as cheese, honey and seasonal vegetables. You can order a tour at [site](, or use the audio guide on arrival. And you can have lunch at a cozy restaurant in the winery.

Центр винного туризма «Абрау-Дюрсо»

When you arrive in Abrau-Durso, you should definitely [order]( a fascinating excursion. Book an excursion with a tasting of different wines.

Champagne-Bar Abrau Dyurso

An interesting photo can be taken against the background of a fountain of hundreds of bottles.


Lake Abrau amazes with its beauty. It is best to take a boat ride and enjoy the beauty of nature to the fullest.

Гранд Кафе Абрау

For lovers of gastronomic rest, good wines and seafood this restaurant must be visited.

Поющий Фонтан

The show of singing fountains is, of course, a fascinating performance worth visiting during an evening stroll.

Day 2: Rest at sea.

Today we will go to Gelendzhik. We will make a stop in Novorossiysk and taste fresh seafood.


We'll start our day with a walk along the quay. Let's enjoy the beauty of the sea.

Крейсер «Михаил Кутузов»

While walking along the Quay, visit the cruiser-museum. You'll agree, it's not so often that you get a chance to see how a warship is arranged from the inside!

Раковая #1

Crayfish, shrimp, fish dishes, you can even order the classic sushi. The "chip" of the place is a takeaway crayfish that will be cooked right in front of you.

Суджукская коса (пляж Алексино)

After breakfast at the hotel, we drive towards Novorossiysk. We make a stop on the way. Suzhuk spit is a unique monument of nature. Very clean water, two well-appointed beaches will surely attract you for a couple of hours of rest. And what amazing pictures you will have in your memory!

Голубая бухта

Our beach day continues! Who doesn't like to rest on the azure beaches? The Blue Bay is certainly a great place for a masked swim!

Форелевое хозяйство

It's a very beautiful place to have dinner. Order trout dishes, they are very fresh here, or have some caviar. Enjoy the beauty of nature.

Day 3: Rest in Gelendzhik.

A fascinating day outdoors. Architectural exhibitions, cable car and, of course, gastronomic delight!

Канатная дорога «Олимп»

The best way to take beautiful pictures and admire nature is with the cable car. It takes about half an hour to get up. Don't forget to take beautiful photos.

Старый парк

The Architectural Exhibition of the Old Park is very popular. The reason is that there are many buildings in different styles. Here you will find a Chinese pagoda, an Indian palace in miniature, and an ancient temple.

Пляж «Приморье»

Stop at the beach to stretch out and enjoy the sea.


We will continue our wonderful journey in a restaurant overlooking the sea.

Дантово Ущелье

Dantovo gorge is one of the most beautiful places on the way to Krasnodar. Unspoiled nature, rocky ledges - a great place for meditation, self-discovery, or just a beautiful photo session.


The final chord of the trip - a restaurant of Russian cuisine. Here you will see that even from childhood familiar dishes can pleasantly surprise. The signature dish - "Soup of Tsar Peas" is definitely worth a try!