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Windsurfing in Eiska

Road Trip Route. Journey for sports and leisure lovers, Catch the waves on the beaches of the Spit of Eden., Enjoy the scenery of the moth of Heaven..

These two days we will spend in the very heart of the Yeye scythe, on one side of which the waves of the Taganrog Bay are beating, and on the other side of the Yeye liman. What does this place know? On its beaches, tourists actively engage in water sports. The most popular of them here is windsurfing. Official competitions in this sport are regularly held here. There is also an infrastructure for kitesurfing, wakeboarding, yoga, zorbing, cycling, skateboarding, water skiing, trampoline, climbing, kayaking, zorbing, catamarans and much more. There are schools and sports recreation facilities. Many tourists come here every year for active sports. We will follow their example. Windsurfing is suitable for those who are not afraid of water, swim well and are ready to combine it with extreme.

Active Leisure. From: Krasnodar

Yulia Zharkova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Yeisk - center of attraction for windsurfers

The unique location of the Spit creates beautiful and long waves on its shores. Warm sea winds are also blowing here. This is what made this place so popular among wine-surfers. They even nicknamed her "Mecca of windsurfers."


Today we leave Krasnodar to plunge into the waves of Taganrog Bay. The spit is ideal for those who are already windsurfing and those who want to do it. Today we have a lot of active entertainment waiting for us!

Веселая Кума

It is a restaurant made in traditional Ukrainian style. The interior conveys the national flavor. We stop here on the way to eat before a busy day of water fun. I recommend trying a real Ukrainian borsch.

Серфцентр «Ейская школа виндсерфинга»

The school allows everyone who wants to learn windsurfing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, to do it with ease, safely and without danger to health. Here you can take individual lessons with a coach (for children and adults) and rent sports equipment. The school also offers group lessons. The best specialists work with those who wish to have different level of physical training. There is also a landscaped beach with awnings for the whole family. Sun loungers, umbrellas, sports equipment for rent.

Пляж «Ейская коса»

We visit another beach, where winds for windsurfing are blowing. This place is very popular among young people as well as holidaymakers of all ages. So here you can find many friends of interest. Beginner surfers will be able to gain experience from professionals by watching them, and advanced surfers will demonstrate their skills to the observers!

Rosemary (Розмарин)

This cafe is quite appreciated by visitors. It's worth tasting pizza, cheesecakes, kebabs, morses, soups. They cook deliciously and quickly.

Day 2: Waves and wind

Another day in Eiska! Water sports do not keep you waiting. Picturesque landscapes scythe, sun, sea air - a real treasure for health. And how many sporting and beautiful people around us who inspire us to do things.

Yeisk Mole (Ейский мол / пятачок)

This place must be visited by everyone, as it is the very edge of the Spit. Here the scythe thinks and goes to the sea. We take unforgettable photos and, of course, bathe in the sea. Don't forget to bring the right shoes, because sometimes it's rocky.

Rosemary (Розмарин)

It's time to eat. For lunch, we're going back to our favorite Rosemary. I'm sure there'll be plenty more dishes to try. There's fish, like flounder, salads and desserts.


We'll visit another local beach. As in other places, we can do active sports. You can relax, bathing in water, sunbathing. A stroll along the coast will leave an impression for a long time.

Sicilia (Сицилия)

We're having dinner at a good pizza place. The menu includes pizza and other dishes of Italian cuisine. For example, salads and spaghetti. Besides Italian cuisine, it offers rolls and fast food. And also a lot of beautiful and bright cocktails that will decorate any photo.


We'll make a little stop on the way. To get up a little strength and take a break. Let's see the local memorial.


In the evening we return to Krasnodar. The energy charge received is unique. Nobody cheers up like sports in the open air and sea waves.