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Wild places on the Karelian Isthmus

Road Trip Route. Feed the bison with carrots, Try kayaking on Elk Threshold, Investigate the ruins of defense facilities on the Mannerheim line.

On the territory of the Leningrad region one can see a lot of lakes, rivers and reservoirs. This region abounds in such natural riches in combination with spruce and pine forests. Let yourself go to the forest wilderness will be the real luxury for your body. The clean air of such places has a positive effect on your health, relieves fatigue and stress, restores efficiency and improves your mood. This trip presents lost monuments, wilderness and even sports centers. Let yourself shift your attention to the beautiful and it doesn't matter if your phone loses its network.

History and Culture, Active Leisure. From: Saint Petersburg

Darina Frantz. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: From the protected area to the bubbling threshold.

The journey will lead you towards the most charming parts of the nature of the Karelian Isthmus. You will be delighted by the bison-house and its mini-zoo, the Kavgolovo Lake and its beauties and, of course, by the legendary Elk Threshold with its peaceful atmosphere and amazing bubbling streams.


The first stop is the legendary Zubrovnik. You can feed the bison with carrots, ride horses, go to a mini-zoo and walk along forest paths. There is also a rope park for children and play areas. Entrance is free.

Золотой пляж

Golden beach of Kavgolovsky lake is the first natural wealth of our program. Here you can swim and ride on catamarans. There are berries growing in the forest, which you can pick up on the road.

Панорамный ресторан

This lunch will be held in an equally attractive natural location surrounded by coniferous beauties. European cuisine restaurant with chic views, friendly staff and cozy atmosphere. Try dishes cooked on open fire.

Пляж в Лосево

There's something for everyone in this area. If you are a lover of quiet rest and tranquility, you can stay at the beach in Losevo and enjoy the peacefulness of this place. But if you can't live without Estreme, then you have a great opportunity to try your hand at the Elbe rapids by renting a canoe, raff or even a kayak. The bubbling currents of the counter current will prove to be a real challenge even for a trained athlete.


If you are still searching for activities, be sure to take a look here. This park has an extreme rope route, bicycle rental and water sports equipment. In winter, there is also a rental of toy and ice skates.

Загородный клуб «Жемчужина»

It was such a busy day that dinner time came up discreetly. Watch the sunset and the calm of the river, listen to the birds singing and enjoy your dinner. Be sure to order some fish from the local catch. After dinner, be sure to take a walk around the complex or order a sauna, if you have an overwhelming desire.

Day 2: From a forgotten legacy to a famous fortress.

When was the last time you were alone with nature away from the bustle and crowds? I suggest we go to a place where you won't meet anyone. You will find a mysterious church that few people know about and then have a picnic surrounded by nature and silence. In the second part of the route you will arrive to Priozersk and visit the famous ancient fortress Korela.


Buy all the necessary food for the picnic, which will be on the riverside during lunch.

Кирха Вуоксенранта

The Vuoksenrat Kirch is an abandoned Lutheran church that has been well preserved since its foundation in the early 20th century. The cemetery and the church are memorial protected sites. Take a forest walk in its surroundings and feel the freshness of morning in the forest.

На берегу Вуоксы

You have to spend time in silence and unity with nature. Take your time anywhere, find your ideal place and just be in the moment. If you're lucky with the weather, be sure to swim in the waters of the Vuoksa River. Have a picnic in the countryside, dream of the beautiful and go on to adventure.

Gazpromneft filling station #45

Isn't it time to stop on vacation? You can warm up, fill up and buy goods on the way at Gazpromneft's filling stations.

Korela Fortress (Крепость Корела)

Medieval Korela was the most northwestern city in Russia. The fortress was founded at the turn of the XIII and XIV centuries by Novgorodians to protect the north-western borders of the republic from the Swedes. Now it is a museum complex, on the territory of which you can walk a lot of interesting things about the history of that time. Monday and Tuesday are the weekends.

Камень основания крепости Корела

This memorial stone is in honor of Rurik. Its burial place is near Korela Fortress. Be sure to make a stop and read the inscription on it.

Гастрономическое кафе «Точка на карте»

And another dinner on the bank of the river amidst the forest to your unforgettable experience. Scandinavian motifs of this place will create a special atmosphere this evening. Pay your attention to such exquisite fish dishes as skoblyanka fish with cranberry, Ladoga dumplings with fish and spruce oil, profiteroles with fish cream.

Day 3: From the ancient fortress to the monument of the proletariat chief...

This is the last day of our journey. The first stop is Tiberias Castle and the ruins of an ancient fortress. There used to be a thriving Tiberias Principality with its strong defensive fortress, the ruins of which you will find in this place. Be sure to find the Church of St. Andrew, which was built on a small island. The memorial complex to Lenin and the place where he hid from his enemies is the second part of today's program. You will be surprised by the unusual installations of this place.

Памятник Маугли

Before you leave, make a stop at the monument of a world-famous character.

Тиверское Городище

The city of Tiversk was the defensive center of the Tibersk principality back in the IX century. Today, the Tiversk fortress can be found in the shade of tall trees, if you want, you can find the destroyed walls, huge boulders, resting under a thick layer of moss - the remains of the ancient settlement of Karels and Novgorodians. Also here you can visit an amazing temple. The wooden church of St. Andrew appeared in Vasilyevo not so long ago. It was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the only church in the world built on a tiny island, the foundation of which is a monolithic rock protruding from the water.

Ресторан загородного клуба «Дача»

What can decorate lunchtime? Of course, a stunning landscape and view of Lake Sukhodolskoye. The polite staff of this institution will do anything to make you want to come back here again. The menu offers familiar to us dishes of European and Russian cuisine.

Lenin's Shalash Museum (Музей «Шалаш В. И. Ленина»)

Shalash Lenin - museum complex in Razliv, dedicated to the events of summer 1917, when Lenin was forced to hide from the persecution of the Provisional Government. Take a walk around the territory and park zone. Here you will find many unusual exhibits. The museum is closed on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Двести два

It's time for the long-awaited dinner! Try the seabass with the vegetables, they say it's very tasty. Sum up this trip and spend the sun watching nature fall asleep around you.