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Wild beaches, lakes and gorges of the Black Sea coast

Road Trip Route. Volkonskoe Gorge, Beach "Sosnovka", Wild beach of Thick Cape, Lake Abrau, Bald Hill, Salt Lake, Source of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Inal bay.

If you have already visited all the most popular and tourist places of Krasnodar Region, this trip is for you! After all, during these three days we will visit several wild beaches, visit the world's only monolithic dolmen, which, according to legends, has magical properties, take mud baths, take a river walk on Lake Abrau, conquer the highest mountain of Anapa and finally just enjoy the incredible beauty of the Black Sea landscapes.

Uninhabited Nature. From: Sochi

Ann Mikhaylova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Mysteries of Volkonskiy gorge and wild beach "Sosnovka".

Today we will go hiking in Volkonsky Gorge, where we will see many natural attractions, as well as see the only monolithic dolmen in the world, which is famous for its magical and healing properties, and visit the wild beach of Gelendzhik, which is located near the majestic white rocks.

Волконское Ущелье

Our journey will begin with a trip to Volkonskoe Gorge, which is a real natural museum. Because of the special microclimate here grows a lot of unusual exotic plants, which amaze with their beauty! On the way you can not only enjoy the forest coolness and beauty of nature, but also get acquainted with many attractions of the gorge. For example, there is a hydrogen sulfide spring, which contains many microelements useful for humans (water can not be drunk from here because of the high content of hydrogen sulfide, but you can wash and wipe the sick and bruised places), huge rocks "Two Brothers", Glade of roots, unusual traces on the surface of the rocks, the mystery of which has not yet been solved, and the river Godlik. The trail is quite convenient, equipped with stairs and railings, so the safety issue will not bother you.

Волконский Дольмен

But the main attraction of the gorge is still Volkonsky dolmen. This is the only monolithic building of its kind in the world. According to scientists, the dolmen is about 5000 years old. The true purpose of such structures is still covered by the veil of secrecy. Some believe that dolmens used to serve as tombs in the past, others believe that these are former temples or observatories. Volkonsky dolmen so big that it can accommodate several people! There is a small hole on the roof of the structure, which is designed to collect rainwater. Legend has it that the water that enters this bowl acquires healing and even magical properties! Some people are irrevocably convinced that having been here, it is possible to receive knowledge of ancestors, to fulfill desires and be cured from a serious illness.

Гермес кафе

For lunch we will go to the cafe "Hermes", which serves European and Caucasian cuisine. You can pamper yourself with gourmet dishes from fresh seafood, taste delicious shish kebab or stop at fresh baked goods. Many interior elements are made of wood, soft carpets are laid out on the floor, and on the shelves you can see a collection of porcelain dishes, paintings and engravings hang on the walls, which creates a completely homely atmosphere.

Пляж «Сосновка»

Then we will go to the wild beach "Sosnovka", which is near Gelendzhik. It is notable for being at the foot of huge white rocks, and the water here is turquoise, which together creates an incredibly beautiful landscape. Here is pure pine air, as on the top of the rocks there is a small pine forest, often not crowded, and at sunset it is especially romantic.

Кафе «У Дианы»

We will have dinner at Cafe "U Diana", which is famous for the best Georgian cuisine in Gelendzhik. The cafe is small, but especially cozy. Here you can try khachapuri, meat pie, homemade pork, kebab, delicious pomegranate wine and much more!

Day 2: Gelendzhik, Abrau Durso and Anapa Nature

On the second day we will visit the wild beach of Tolstoy Cape, walk along the central berth of Gelendzhik, take a boat ride on the largest lake of the Caucasus and meet the sunset at the top of Bald Mountain.

Дикие Пляжи Толстого мыса

Next morning we'll go to the wild beach of Fat Cape. The water here is considered the cleanest in Gelendzhik Bay. If you haven't had breakfast at the hotel, you can have a picnic here on the beach. However, you should take care of it in advance, because you won't find any shops nearby. There are beautiful mountain views from the shore and if you are lucky you can spot a flock of dolphins, which are not uncommon guests here.

Центральный причал

Next, we'll take a walk along Central Pier, which is the longest in town. From here we will sail to the open sea on small pleasure boats and motor boats. Here you can stroll on the pier and take many bright pictures against the background of the sea, mountains and beautiful ships. And not far from the pier there is a sculpture "White Bride" (by the way, this is how "Gelendzhik" is translated from Turkish), which is the symbol of the city.

Кафе «Турист»

For lunch, we'll stop at Cafe Tourist. The menu includes dishes of European, Caucasian and Armenian cuisine. The interior of the cafe is quite pleasant, and the waiters are always ready to help with the choice of dishes. There are also tables on the open terrace where you can sit.


The next place we're going to go is Lake Abrau, the largest fresh water reservoir in the Caucasus! A distinctive feature of the lake is its emerald green color, from which you cannot take your eyes off. You can appreciate all the beauty of this place from the lake itself, riding a boat or catamaran. Fishing is also allowed here (both from the shore and from the boat). In the reservoir there are breams, crucians, minnows, sazanas, and on the shore you can catch a lot of crayfish. In addition, there is a separate swimming area and a well equipped beach for recreation.

Лысая Гора

And to meet the sunset we will go to the Bald Hill, which overlooks the endless sea and the outskirts of the city. If you look closely, in the rock you can see a lot of small holes in which swallows live, so this place was given a second name - "Swallow's Nest". Many local artists are inspired here, lovers arrange photo shoots, and locals like to come here for physical training. Anyway, this place will not leave you indifferent!


Later we will have a dinner at Café Prague, where Czech cuisine is served. Facility's interior, menu and atmosphere will immerse you in the old Czech Republic. Café's hall reminds of medieval tavern, all furniture is made of wood, and hunting trophies hang on the walls. The menu is quite diverse, but homemade sausages, meat in Czech and Pancho cake are definitely worth your attention!

Day 3: Healing muds of Salt Lake, the source of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Inal Bay

On the last day of the trip we will go to the Salt Lake in Taman, where we will take mud baths, visit the spring of the Blessed Virgin Mary and collect the holy water, and then go to Inal Bay, where the longest beach in Europe is located.

Соленое озеро

In the early morning we will go to Taman to Salt Lake, which is famous for its healing mud. The lake is small in size: 1500 m long, 1000 m wide and only 10 cm deep. In summer time it is completely dry and covered with a thin layer of sea salt, under which is the same curative mud, thanks to which can be treated, joint pains, skin diseases and much more! The air here is also useful, as it contains a lot of hydrogen sulfide and salt. You can smear your whole body with mud without any hesitation, but the procedure should not take more than 20 minutes! You can always wash your body in the Black Sea, which is only a hundred meters from the lake. If the healing properties of clay have impressed you so much, you can gather some clay for your further use.

Источник Пресвятой Богородицы

On the way back we will visit the Source of the Holy Virgin, where we can gather the holy water. According to the locals, water here has a calming effect and can cure many diseases.


We will have lunch at Pizzeria Fiesta, where you can taste many dishes of Italian cuisine: aromatic pizza on thin dough, spaghetti on traditional Italian recipes, cold snacks and fresh salads. In good weather it is a special pleasure to dine outdoors. Service here is always top-notch, prices are attractive and you will always be a valuable guest.

Бухта Инал

Then we will go to Inal Bay, which attracts lovers of natural beauty here year after year. After all, these mountain scenery, clean air, and bottomless azure azure cause a real delight. By the way, the beach here is the longest in all Europe (5 km). Importantly, the bay is far away from the highway and industrial plants, so the sea and the beach here are always extremely clean. There are also frequent motor boats and catamarans, on which you can take a short boat trip.

Веранда GRILL

On the way home, we'll stop for dinner at Veranda Grill. Thanks to the pleasant atmosphere and delicious cuisine, this place has become a favorite destination for many locals. There are a lot of dishes on the menu, but the grilled vegetables, specialty kebabs and delicious kebab lulla deserve special attention!