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Wild beaches and nature of the Black Sea coast

Road Trip Route. Wild beaches on the way from Sochi to the Ashe River, Natural panoramas near Volkonsky dolmen, Eco-Trails of the Berendeev Kingdom, Waterfalls and fonts in Lazarevsky, Residents of Crab Canyon, Unique canyon climate Cool.

There are many beaches on the Black Sea coast. But most of them have a flaw that scares away some tourists. It's a lot of people. If you are one of those travelers who prefer a quiet holiday away from the crowd, this trip is for you. Here you have chosen the smallest beaches of the coast on your way to the river Ashe. You can not only take sun and water baths on wild beaches. We will also visit places of interest, where it is very good to organize picnics in nature. Recreational effect guaranteed!

Uninhabited Nature. From: Sochi

Yulia Zharkova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Picnics in silence

We'll pick up some groceries in the morning. Then we'll visit some deserted beaches. Their beauty is their wildness. And in the afternoon we'll have a historic landmark. Dolmen. Let's set for a wave of silence!



The route to the deserted places implies picnics in the countryside. That's why there are no cafes on our route, only fresh air, deserted nature and seclusion. It's time to buy some picnic food. Don't forget all the essentials. In order not to spoil the food, I recommend taking a cooler bag.

Пляж Якорная Щель

This small beach is just what you need at the beginning of your journey. Here you can finally relax, take a break from the hustle and bustle. Let's try to tune in for a relaxing time away from people.

Пляж Чемитоквадже

Despite the fact that it's a deserted beach, there's parking. You can park by the water. So we can comfortably have a picnic here. The sun is shining brightly here and it will be nice to walk along the beach after eating.

Волконский Дольмен

It's getting chilly on the beach. So now is the time to visit the local attraction. We'll take a walk to Volkonsky Dolmen. It's a megalith, whose purpose is still a mystery to scientists. Locals believe that dolmens are places of strength where positive energy can be "recharged".

Day 2: The second day outdoors...

We continue our journey. We're relaxing on the beach again. And in the afternoon we will visit such natural attractions of Lazarevsky, as the Berendeevo Kingdom and the Crab Gorge. The sea of impressions is secured.

Пляж Аше

The beach of Ashe is unknown among most tourists. Therefore, it is one of the most deserted beaches in the area. The purpose of our trip is to have a rest and picnic on the deserted beach, which is not so many on the Black Sea coast.

Берендеево царство

Ecological trails of the Berendeev Kingdom will leave a great impression of recreation in nature. Locals like to roast kebabs here. Apart from untouched forests, you can see waterfalls. Let's take unforgettable photos against the panorama of these places!

Крабовое ущелье

This natural monument is famous for its scenic beauty. Waterfalls and fonts with the purest water leave no one indifferent. There are legends about the local gorge. And the main thing that is remarkable is that it is home to fresh water crabs of the species "Potamon Iberian". You can also have a picnic here. Remember to make a wish by looking down at the water from the Wish Bridge. From here you have an unforgettable view of the waterfalls.

Day 3: Way along the coast

Despite the fact that today we have to overcome a considerable distance, we will have time to visit a natural attraction. This is the Cool Canyon, for the sake of which it is necessary to walk some distance. And of course, clean and deserted beaches will not be left without our attention!


In the morning we will again visit the deserted beach. Sunbathing and bathing in sea water will consolidate the recreational effect of our trip. The beach is also very clean, as there are no huge lines of tourists. This place is good for a picnic. Swim in the sea and relax!

Каньон Прохладный

Today we will visit the canyon, which is also called Zubova Slit. There are waterfalls and fonts. It's an unusual microclimate. The air is very humid and it looks like you're breathing water. If you come in a passenger car, you'll have to walk part of the way.

72-й км пляж

On the way back, we visit our last beach. It's a little crowded, as always. We can enjoy our last moments away from the city. Have a nice rest!


Arriving in Sochi. These were miraculous days that will be remembered for years to come. I'm sure we'll want to go back to our deserted beaches again and again.