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West Coast Natural Beauty: from San Francisco to San Diego

Road Trip Route. Enjoy the amazing magnificence of the parks and reserves of the west coast, Visit the best beaches of the world and take part in a large number of water sports available, Go on an unforgettable walk in mountains and other extremely beautiful places.

Dear traveler! The route offers the most interesting and amazing natural sights of California. Make an unforgettable trip, which originates in an extraordinary city near the bay, San Francisco. we will devote some time to strolling through its wonderful streets and visiting the most iconic places, but our main goal is enjoying the natural diversity of the state. Almost half of California’s territory is covered with forests, we can see here incredibly old (intermountain pine, up to 4,900 years old), the highest (redwood, up to 115 meters) and the most massive (sequoiadendron or mammoth tree) trees on Earth. Many unique species of animals live in forests and state reserves: bears, deer, cougars, lynxes, foxes, coyotes, hares, squirrels, opossums, and many other representatives of the fauna that maybe we'll get lucky to see. Due to the favorable climate and well-developed agriculture, the cuisine of these places is characterized by the supplies of the freshest ingredients in almost all restaurants. And, of course, due to this, there is countless more health food. Thus, it's safe to say that our journey not only promises to be interesting and full of unforgettable impressions, but also healthful.

Relaxing Leisure, Uninhabited Nature. From: San Francisco

Alexandr Kosar. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: City of Dreams, San Francisco

Today we have a study tour to the symbol of this city, the Golden Gate Bridge, you could also enjoy modern American cooking, experience the originality and features inherent in each individual locality.

Golden Gate Overlook

As the name suggests, the place offers a view of the bridge of the same name. It looks exciting and romantic, here you can often see carelessly walking couples in love. This viewpoint and its closest relative, Pacific Overlook, were built in 2012 in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge. Located next to Lincoln Boulevard, it is a curved concrete area that surrounds the edge of a coastal cliff. Sit down on small wooden benches and enjoy the stunning coastal views, admiring the beautiful local flora, as well as the winding paths below.

State Bird Provisions

A good evening is always pleasant to spend at an extraordinary facility. Statebird Provisions offers comfortable environment in which people can enjoy high-quality and very original food, along with high-class service. Facility staff is super energetic, always assembled and knows what you want. Organized teamwork always manages successfully all the group dinner bookings. The menu also offers everyone's favorite dishes of American, European and other cuisines, prepared exclusively from fresh ingredients.

Day 2: Walking around the beautiful city

We have a lot of interesting things planned for today: we visit many interesting parks, beaches and other places where you can walk inspiringly and enjoy the very landscapes of this beautiful city adored by millions of tourists.

Vive La Tarte

Vive la tarte is a place where you can enjoy wonderful pastries.   The menu of the restaurant contains a lot of interesting dishes, but you should definitely focus your attention on the Quiche Lorraine, original banana-ginger and lemon croissants, pork tacos, and indulge in fruit smoothies.

Fort Funston

In Fort Funston Park, we can contemplate how sandy cliffs descend 200 feet to the wildest beaches in San Francisco. The place offers so magnificent and inspiring view that probably any person who have ever seen it would like to see such a picture every day from the window. This place is very popular both among tourists and local residents. People relax here from the hustle and bustle, go on dates, do hang gliding, fly radio-controlled helicopters and much more. Also in the park is a wonderful greenhouse where you can admire samples of rare plants.

Thornton State Beach

Nature has done its best to create a beach as beautiful as Thornton State Beach. The unusual landscape is, in fact, largely the result of a strong landslide or earthfall caused by the notorious 1906 earthquake. Indeed, the San Andreas Fault, which is the source of this earthquake, goes from land to sea in range of thу very beach. The landscape formed due to this dangerous seismic activity, nevertheless, is breathtaking, and millions of tourists come here every year to enjoy it.

Original Joe's Westlake

Original Joe's Westlake is a cozy Italian restaurant. Its interior is made in dark woody tones, which in combination with muted light creates an atmosphere of comfort. Strange as it may seem, you can also find American dishes on the menu, such as Caesar salad or fried chicken. As in any Italian restaurant, it serves spaghetti, chicken pique, fettuccini with chicken and white mushrooms and other popular delicacies.

Mussel Rock Park

Mussel Rock is definitely an extremely beautiful park, but what is behind this beauty? The famous earthquake of 1906 and its consequences, as well as the sliding of the mountains and dangerous erosion had been shaping this unusual and breathtaking landscape for many years. The park has become home to many rare species of plants and animals, for example, here you can find winter sea ducks and many more cormorants. Enjoy a walk along the paths of the park, contemplating the picturesque, uncreated landscapes.

Esplanade Beach

Esplanade Beach is another memorable beach, which is located near a steep cliff. The southern approach to the beach is at the end of West Manor Drive. In winter, quite strong winds blow here, and at high tide the water rises and considerably narrows the coastline. When swimming, it is necessary to follow safety regulations and enter the water in the designated areas, as very sharp rocks are hidden below the level of the water. Parking is available on the street along Esplanade Avenue.

Nick's Seafood Restaurant

Nick's Seafood Restaurant is known for the excellent quality of ingredients, mainly fish and shellfish, which are caught daily and are delivered every morning by local suppliers. Flipping through the menu, pay attention to the lobsters, boiled oysters and royal oysters, and a nice addition to the dinner will be a beautiful view from the window to a peaceful haven.

Day 3: Natural diversity of the San Francisco Peninsula

Today we go to incredibly beautiful and fascinating places in California. Enjoy an unforgettable active holiday in nature reserves, it's true harmony and tranquility here.

Millbrae Pancake House

Millbrae Pancake house has been owned and operated by one family since its foundation in 1959. Over the past 50 years, the world around us has changed dramatically, but Millbrae Pancake House preserves key traditions. Here, the famous pancakes and waffles are still produced, the highest-quality ingredients are still used for cooking, and the focus on the needs of visitors remains the number one priority here.

Crystal Springs Reservoir

Crystal Springs Reservoir is a natural park consisting of three areas: the San Andreas, Sawyer Camp and Crystal Springs. In the northern part, there are convenient asphalt tracks winding around the eastern shore of San Andreas Lake and Crystal Springs Reservoir, and in the southern part is a wilder path that follows the Canadian Road and the northern part of the Crystal Springs Reservoir. Nature and peaceful atmosphere creates a wonderful mood and a charge of cheerfulness and inspiration for the rest of your day.

Huddart Park

In Huddart Park there are numerous alleys and trails for horse riding and pleasant walks, laid along ravines and creeks that cross extremely beautiful places on the hillsides and lead to breathtaking views of the countryside. The park has everything you need for a quality of stay and pleasant walk: you can rent a bike or a scooter, buy a refreshing drink, and, of course, just sit quietly on the bench, admiring the wonderful landscape surrounding you. It is worth mentioning that when renting a bicycle, it is necessary to be extremely careful of the speed limit and ride in the designated places.


As you know, Indian cuisine is very authentic and original. Enjoy a large selection of dishes and cooking styles. There are spicy dishes as well as ones with tender taste, but one thing they all have in common is excellent taste and quality. Zareen's offers a really warm welcome and a friendly atmosphere in addition to authentic cooking. Pay attention to the Pulao, chapati and kulfi from the menu.

Baylands Nature Preserve

Baylands Reserve, an area of 1,940 acres, surrounded on one side by a mountain landscape, and on the other by eastern Palo Alto, is one of the largest stretches of natural water preserved in San Francisco Bay. Footpaths and alleys, along which you can walk, enjoying the scenery, are stretched fifteen miles here. Many consider this area one of the best birdwatching spots on the west coast. The reserve has a significant population of birds, and is also a major migration point on the Pacific distance.

Shoreline Park & Lake

Shoreline Park offers to have a picnic, soak up the sun, have fun and relax from cramped rooms, a computer screen, a tablet or a TV and breathe in the fresh air of nature. Any tourist will definitely enjoy discovering the amazing beauty of the picturesque Shoreline Lake. Here is a well-organized infrastructure, so everyone can find entertainment to the taste. Those who like active rest will get opportunity to do sports: sailing, rowing, kayaking, racing on the lake, and the gentle lahdscape of the place will please those who prefer long, tranquil strolls.


Our busy and eventful day comes to an end, and we need to spend the evening in a good place, and the small bar-restaurant Eureka, where we can not just eat well, but also relax in a pleasant atmosphere, is perfect for this. Facility's menu is replete with such classic American dishes, fried meat, various salads, a large number of snacks and desserts, as well as an excellent selection of beer and other alcoholic beverages.

Day 4: Parks and reserves near San Jose

In continuing our wonderful journey, we now move past the City of San Jose, in its picturesque surroundings. Enjoy a lot of beautiful landscapes and outdoor activities and take as many wonderful memorable pictures as possible.

Sue's Gallery

It is always important to be positive and cheerful in any journey in order that visiting the sights does not seem gray and ordinary for you. To maintain this attitude, start the day with some fun. The Sue's Gallery is ideal for this. Here you will find a homely and hospitable atmosphere put you in the holiday mood. Ingulge in the local coffee, served in an elegant and aesthetic manner, and delicious pastries.

Whole Foods Market

We have a rather long, but very fascinating journey to places where there are no cafes and restaurants for today, so make a stop at the supermarket to buy food for lunch.

Rancho San Antonio County Park

Welcome to the spacious Rancho San Antonio County Park, one of the most popular parks in the county. Several hundred acres of green beauty combined with excellent infrastructure and good equipment will be a great place for an active holiday and a pleasant walk. Some of the park is a protected area, where, if you're lucky, you can see various species of birds and other harmless fauna.

Picchetti Winery

Probably, many people want to take part in wine tasting. Picchetti Winery hosts daily various events dedicated to this pleasant activity. Regardless of whether you enjoy a quiet walk in the middle of the week or have a nice picnic in the park, you can be sure that you won't be disappointed with Picchetti Winery, because it's not often you get a chance to taste the wines received numerous awards. The choice of drinks here is very wide, and travelers usually bring food here.

Castle Rock State Park

Castle Rock State Park is an extremely popular place. Probably half of the park’s visitors are climbers carrying large backpacks and equipment to hike large rocky mountains. The other half wants to see a beautiful waterfall and a magnificent panoramic view of the valley of the San Lorenzo River from one of the highest points of the mountains. In Castle Rock State Park you can always find a cozy place to sit and enjoy the picturesque view.

Seabright State Beach

It is a long sandy beach between the promenade and the Santa Cruz Harbor. Tourists here enjoy beach volleyball, swimming, surfing, windsurfing, fishing and canoeing. There are also equipped fire pits, where you can have a small picnic. Another nice thing is that parking nearby is free.

Crow's Nest Restaurant

How nice to sit quietly and dine in a cozy restaurant watching the picturesque harbor and other open spaces after a long and active day! Crow's Nest Restaurant is the place to spend time like this. The well-equipped veranda offers a view of peaceful landscapes. The restaurant serves excellent fresh seafood, a good selection of salads and meat dishes.

Day 5: Beautiful view of Monterey Bay

Our journey continues, and we move further along the coast. Today we see the wondrous beauty of protected areas, where if you are lucky, you might see the inhabitants of these places, and continue our excursion to the best beaches of this part of the continent.

The Buttery

The Buttery is a small bright and very cozy bakery where you can spend your leisurely breakfast enjoying great pastries sometimes resembling a real work of art in a comfortable atmosphere. Particular attention should be paid to the special Ganache cake and famous croissants with various fillings.

Pleasure Point

Welcome to the well equipped Pleasure Point beach. Here you can soak up the soft sand and gentle sun. The beach has everything you need for a comfortable pastime, from the changing rooms to renting sports equipment. The beach is beloved by fans of water sports such as wind and kite surfing for the good weather.

Moss Landing Harbor

Located at the beginning of Monterey Bay, Moss Landing Harbor is home to many commercial vessels that fish in Pacific waters outside the bay, and scientific vessels that explore the life of the ocean. A distinctive feature of this place is fur seals living near the coast, and sometimes you can even notice whales in deeper and more distant waters. Be sure to take your camera, as you will probably want to take a picture of fur seals sitting on the pier lazily.

Phil's Fish Market & Eatery

Active fishing in the area has given a good base for the foundation of wonderful restaurants specializing in seafood, one of which is Phil's Fish Market & Eatery. The atmosphere of the place is created by a wonderful and well-trained staff, always eager to help and please. Facility's menu is replete with not only fresh seafood, you can also find classic dishes, good selection of soups, salads and meat delicacies here.

Pacific Grove Marine Gardens State Marine Conservation Area

The Pacific Grove Marine Gardens State Marine Conservation Area is one of four small marine protected areas located near the city of Monterey, in the southern part of Monterey Bay on the central coast of California. Their area is about 2.96 square miles (7.7 km2). By law, fishing and removing various fauna is not allowed in this area, with certain exceptions. Marine Gardens is famous for its unusual view of the ocean, flowers and algae covering the shore.

Huckleberry Hill

Huckleberry Hill is a picturesque 50-acre park. A great place for group camping with equipped walking paths, picnic areas with barbecue, gaming equipment and pleasant lawns, which can be used for frisbee, kite flying, football, softball and just relaxing. The park aslo offers absolutely beautiful views of nature and the surrounding area.


Yafa is a restaurant with a pleasant, homely atmosphere, serving classic Mediterranean cuisine. Facility staff is very polite and helpful, always help to choose a dish to taste. Enjoy the restaurant menu abound in such wonderful dishes as Jerusalem lentil soup, shrimp, santorini, labneh and pita, grilled octopus, as well as a wide selection of different drinks, including alcohol.

Day 6: Paradise coastline landscapes

The west coast of the United States is indeed a unique natural area, inhabited by many unusual species of animals and plants. Today, according to the plan, we will visit the most interesting and fascinating natural places, wonderful beaches, and enjoy the specialties of the coastal cuisine.

The Cottage Restaurant

Located in a charming little house on Lincoln Street, The Cottage Restaurant is a pleasant breakfast facility. The restaurant is quite small, with a touch of British atmosphere, cozy, friendly, there is a large selection of delicious dishes in the menu.

Monastery Beach

Monastery Beach, named after the Carmelite conventual building across the road, is part of the Carmel River State Beach. The beach is sometimes called San Jose Creek Beach. This beautiful land of one third of a mile is incredibly popular with divers and other water sports enthusiasts, because there is very comfortable weather conditions, as well as excellent infrastructure. Another nice moment, on the side of the highway there is not very spacious, but convenient parking.

Sea Lion Cove

Sea Lion Cove is one unique place where you can look at sea lions. On the coast of California, accompanied by the sounds of thundering waves, you will see happy sea lions, fur seals and beautiful brown pelicans, practically in their natural habitat. Sea Lion Cove is not only a wonderful place where you can see a variety of animals, but also a great example of environmentally friendly parks. The environmental features of Sea Lion Bay include solar panels, water-saving irrigation, and an efficient water filtration system.

Rocky Point

Welcome to the Rocky Point restaurant! The restaurant is located 10 miles south of Carmel, just 15 minutes along the scenic road between Carmel and Big Sur. A distinctive feature of the facility is views of the Pacific Ocean from a furnished veranda, as well as a nice interior with panoramic windows with a cozy fireplace. The menu is rich in dishes such as salads, sandwiches and various desserts. The seafood is also exciting.

Big Sur

Big Sur is located along scenic Highway Number One, about 150 miles south of San Francisco and 300 miles north of Los Angeles. Historically, its name comes from a previously unknown and uncharted natural area that lies along the coast south of Monterey. It was simply called El Sur Grande. Today, Big Sur is a 90-mile stretch of pristine and surprisingly beautiful coastline between Carmel in the north and San Simeon in the south. Highway Number One runs along its entire length and is surrounded on one side by the majestic Santa Lucia mountains and the rocky Pacific coast on the other.

McWay Falls

McVay Falls can be safely called one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the coast of California. Due to its convenient location, this unique waterfall is available to everyone. The beauty of this natural site is truly fascinating, tourists come here every day, someone looks for inspiration, someone just wants to have fun, but no one is ever disappointed by this fabulous spectacle.

The Sur House

The Sur House restaurant towers over the Pacific Ocean where the forest and the sea meet. Sur House serves Mediterranean cuisine and seafood from the Pacific region, supplied by local fishermen, meat, supplied by local farmers, products from nearby foragers and farms growing organic vegetables and fruits on the California coast.

Day 7: Walks along the Pacific Ocean

Along the west coast of the United States between such large cities as San Francisco and Los Angeles are small and very hospitable and original sites, our route's going right through them today. We see the protected nature of these places, enjoy the breathtaking scenery and visit the wonderful beaches.

Linn's Bakery & Eatery

The only good start to the day is a breakfast in really cool restaurant, where you will be pleased with the choice of dishes, atmosphere and service. Linn's Bakery & Eatery is perfect for this. Here you will not only feel the comfort and coziness, but also be inspired by wonderful dishes. Particular attention should be paid to the salad with shrimps, scrambled eggs with ham and pancakes with fruit jams.

Fiscalini Ranch Preserve

Enjoy the unique beauty and solitude, the majestic ocean cliffs, the fabulous beauty of the meadows and the Monterey pine forest on the coast of central California in Fiscalini Ranch Preserve. Stony cliffs stretch a mile along the coastline and inland from the rocky coast to the forest ridge. If you're lucky, you will see not only breathtaking landscapes, but also migratory whales, birds and sea otters.

Cayucos State Beach

Cayucos Beach is located on the beautiful coast of central California, halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Cayucos has a very good location between the Pacific Ocean and the hilly slopes near. Feel the peace and quiet here, which is inherent only in a small beach town or in untouched countryside. Cayucos is ideal for those who are already rather tired of a big city with its frantic rhythms and crowds. In these places, there is practically no city noise, noisy auto traffic, no pollution and no crime. So relax and enjoy the great ocean coast.

Tognazzini's Dockside Restaurant

Tognazzini's Dockside is nothing like a premium class restaurant, but it has many pleasant features, including the friendliness and competence of the staff, high culinary standards and time-honored traditions. Relax and enjoy delicious fresh seafood, the restaurant also offers a rich selection of salads and other snacks.

Bishop Peak (The Summit)

Bishop Peak is the highest peak of the Nine Sisters mountain chain (also known as Morros), which is located near San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay. The viewpoint of the mountain is located at an altitude of 1,559 feet above sea level. It offers a magical and beautiful view of the valley and surrounding land. This rocky peak differs from other mountains, first of all, by its accessibility, because the road there is not an arduous one, unlike the road to other peaks, and that is why the place is chosen by tourists and seekers of the beautiful.

Oceano Beach State Park

Oceano Beach State Park and the surrounding area were once the favorite hunting and fishing sites of the Native Americans. In the 1890s, the southern part of the Pacific Railroad aroused interest in the development of the Oceano. Beautiful beach resorts and small settlements have been founded here. Oceano City Park and Beach is a part of the many region improvements made in the 1950s for the region and San Luis Obispo district.

Rancho Guadalupe Dunes Preserve

Rancho Guadalupe Dunes Preserve is a wonderful coastal park, which is known for the many pristine sand dunes along the coast and interesting flora and fauna. An ideal place to enjoy the nature of heaven and solitude. Important features of the park include access to the beach, an excellent opportunity to watch birds and whales, permission to fish and have picnics (barbecue and cooking are not allowed).

Zorro's Cafe & Cantina

To date we haven’t pay much attention to Mexican cuisine, compared to traditional American and even Mediterranean, and now we've found a worth visiting facility, Zorro's Cafe & Cantina, on our way. Here you will find the relaxed atmosphere of a traditional Mexican restaurant, people are friendly and cheerful, joke and laugh, so both food and atmosphere here are great. Pay attention to meat stewed with vegetables and salads with various sauces in the menu.

Day 8: Los Angeles delightful neighborhood

We are slowly getting to the final point of our trip, San Diego. We will spend the day in the Los Angeles neighborhood, where we can enjoy the magnificent views of the mountains, the coast, visit the best and most beautifully equipped beaches and try a variety of water activities.

Beacon Coffee Company

Working closely with manufacturers, Beacon Coffee Company controls the entire process of making coffee from farm to cup. No wonder the coffee that is produced here is one of the top three in the world. One type of coffee can be brewed here in several different ways. The owners often demonstrate several varieties of coffee to compare taste, variety, process, and the impact on you. Enjoy this wonderful drink while savoring tasty cakes, muffins, or croissants.

Ventura Beach

Children, as well as those who are young in heart, will love Ventura Beach, because there is everything for an unforgettable vacation. The beach is an ideal place for a picnic, barbecue, and even has a giant pirate ship complete with its own zipline. Ventura Beach is the perfect place to walk near the ocean. It also offers cruising bikes, mountain bikes, surfboards and famous four-wheel bikes for the whole family.

Leo Carrillo State Park Beach

Leo Carrillo State Park Beach is a family beach in Leo Carrillo State Park. There is a day parking right next to the beach. Between the northern and southern beaches there is a rocky area known as Sequit Point with rock arches and interesting caves. Visit them at low tide. To get to the beach, enter the main entrance of the park and follow the signs. In the state park there is a small tent camp and several hiking trails on the hillside, perfect for an interesting and pleasant walk.

Paradise Cove Beach Cafe

Paradise Cove Beach Cafe is a pleasant cafe and a favorite place of tourists and residents of Malibu. Located on the pier of Paradise Cove, the institution invites you to enjoy excellent cuisine, which is replete with delicious seafood. Relax, contemplate the breathtaking views of the ocean, enjoy high-class service and try the lobsters in a relaxed atmosphere.

Parker Mesa Overlook

Parker Mesa Overlook offers stunning views of the ocean and mountains. The first part of the trail passes through an oak grove with lush green grass. Passing by the Trippet Ranch, the trail leads us to the canyons of Topanga and Santa Ynez, offering views of the giant sandstone slabs and the mighty ocean, as if coming out of the mountain folds. You can also see the panorama of Los Angeles, stretching in the distance, the snowy peaks of the San Gabriel mountains in the east, the island of Catalina in the south and the Santa Monica crescent-shaped coast in the west.

Ostrich Farm

Ostrich Farm is a cozy 50-seat restaurant in Echo Park, owned by the spouses Jaime Turrey and Brooke Fruchtman. Most of the restaurant’s dishes come from traditional American cuisine and are grilled from locally produced ingredients, including some products from the restaurant’s own garden. Homemade beer, a fine selection of handmade wines and cocktails also perfectly complement the menu.

Day 9: San Diego and Los Angeles neighborhood - culmination of the journey

We will visit amazing forest reserves, stroll through picturesque parks, enjoy active holidays on the most popular beaches in California and, of course, dilute our extraordinary weekdays with visiting great restaurants on the last day of our journey.

Porto's Bakery & Cafe

The first day in the city of dreams, Los Angeles, starts with a visit to a wonderful cafe. Porto's Bakery was found by the woman who loves sharing wonderful cakes and pastries with friends and family. Today, the Porto family continues to use the best ingredients from around the world, ensuring that quality remains the cornerstone of the restaurant’s traditions. Enjoy delicious home-made sweet pastries along with other delicious desserts.

Newport Beach Boardwalk

Beach lovers have come flocking into Newport Beach since the Pacific Railway was built in 1905. It is famous for for good surfing, especially between Newport Pier and the Santa Ana River. By the way, this pier is a great place for walking and fishing. The beach also offers to rent surfboards and other items needed for a good rest.

Irvine Regional Park

Irvine Regional Park is one of the oldest parks in Orange County, built in 1897. Unlike other regional parks of the county, there are many wonderful places for leisure activities organized here, including zoo, riding center, bike rental and lake with boat hire. It also offers traditional comfort and service: sports, children's playgrounds and picnic areas. Those who are looking for an easy walk will also be pleased with the gently winding paths among the oaks, plane trees, peacocks and small lakes.

South of Nick's Mexican Kitchen + Bar

South of Nick's Mexican Kitchen always strives to improve the quality of dishes, using the ingredients and drinks of the highest quality and cooking in accordance with impeccable standards. Indulge in the tasty shrimp salad with excellent guacamole and chicken soup.

Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve

One of the finest natural parks near San Diego is the Elfin Forest Forest Reserve. About 11 miles are equipped for hiking, mountain biking and horse riding, and offer picnic areas and scenic viewing platforms in the mountains for lovers of natural scenery. In addition, the natural beauty of the flora of the reserve includes plants such as coastal and common oak, sage and chaparral vegetation. All wildlife and natural resources of the reserve are preserved so that future generations can also enjoy these wonders.

Windansea Beach

Windansea is a beach extremely popular with water sports enthusiasts, in particular, with many famous surfers, including Mickey Munoz and Butch Van Artsdalen. A distinctive attraction of Windansea is a shack covered with palm branches, which was originally built in 1946 by famous athletes Woody Ekstrom and Fred Kenyon. In 1998, the San Diego Historical Resource Board called the Windansea Surf Shack a historic monument.

Oscar's Mexican Seafood

After a long and busy day, you need to gain strength and relax in a pleasant atmosphere. Oscar's Mexican Seafood is perfect for this. Try the excellent burritos, fried shrimps, fish salads, seafood salads, tacos and other famous dishes of Mexican cuisine.

Day 10: Way back home

Many experienced travellers dream of driving along the west coast of the United States and only a few make this beautiful dream come true. And now we are proud to tell that we have turned it into a reality, seen the amazing natural diversity of these places, explored the peculiarities of local restaurants and beaches and had an unforgettable experience, but now it is time to go home.

Tacos El Gordo De Tijuana

Tacos El Gordo de Tijuana is a family restaurant. The founding family has been working in the catering industry for over 40 years, having opened the first facility in 1972. In the restaurant menu, special attention should be paid to many varieties of tacos, grilled meat, serranito, and you will certainly enjoy a good selection of soft drinks.