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5 Attractions to Visit

Day 2

130 km

Steam Train Monument, Museum of Veterinary Medicine, Zodiac Country Club

In the morning visit the main attraction of Jurga, the monument - steam locomotive. In the ancient village of Kaftanchikovo, visit the unusual Museum of Veterinary Medicine, and then go to the first country club of a healthy lifestyle in the Tomsk district - ride quad bikes, go skiing and soar in a sauna.

Day Itinerary

9.2 km15 min
Parovoz-Pamyatnik L-3815
09:0015 min

Parovoz-Pamyatnik L-3815

Open Details
Visit Jurga's main attraction early in the morning. Steam engine L3815 was built by the Voroshilovgrad plant in 1954, and in 2010 it became a monument celebrating the victory in the Great Patriotic War.
82.1 km1 h 10 min
Muzey Veterinarii Tomskoy Oblasti
10:301 h

Muzey Veterinarii Tomskoy Oblasti

Open Details
Let's visit the Museum of Veterinary Medicine, which is located in the ancient village of Kaftanchikovo. The history of veterinary service in Tomsk province dates back to 1897. To learn more about its formation, to see the furniture of the beginning of the XX century, pre-revolutionary laboratory instruments and even sponging machine (yes!) you can in this museum.
The museum is open on weekdays from 09:00 to 17:00. Before your visit you should call 89138541652 (Anna Anatolyevna) to warn about your visit.

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