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Day 1225 km3 km

Ethnoworld and Kaluga

Start the first day with an immersion in the life of the peoples of the world, and then head to Kaluga for a walk around the city and a visit to several museums.

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121.8 km2 h
10:303 h


Theme Park
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After leaving Moscow, head to Russia's largest ethnographic park-museum. It features a colourful interactive model of the real world.
During the walk you will be able to get closer to the traditions, customs, houses, costumes, utensils, handicrafts of the peoples of the world, as well as to buy memorable souvenirs.
It is also worth having a snack in the cafe of the complex before the trip.
You can find out about the workshops, exhibitions and other activities, as well as buy tickets on the official website.

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Weekend trip: Ethnomir, Kaluga and Tula
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Weekend trip: Ethnomir, Kaluga and Tula
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